Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Presenting more news and book covers for our coming Super Cool Books iPad app update

We started Super Cool Books to explore fresh ways to make stories, bring cool ideas to life, and connect with like-minded people no matter where in the world they might be. In order to do this, we’ve had to collaborate, experiment, transform, and share all the wonderful stuff we learnt along the way. This approach has allowed us to introduce so many original story projects over the past four years or so, from books to mini-comics to story hacking workshops to even an animated adventure film. And earlier this week we even met a startup that wanted to program some story puzzle games (photo above) based on our Sherlock Hong novels. Working with new talents is always an inspiring experience.

In the coming Super Cool Books iPad app update, there’ll be a SPECIALS section to be filled with my studio journals and creative notebooks from selected projects. The idea is to share our story development process and give young writers an insider’s view of the creative journey. We’re starting out with the studio journal for SECRET ENGINES, the animation project that we’ve been developing, and TONIGHT WE SPARKLE, which collects interesting bits of writing that I’ve done, from poems to articles to flash fiction pieces and some exclusive content.

There will also be a TEENS section in the app, and we’re launching a new series for this called EASTERN ZOMBIE SOCIETY. More information about this story soon. But in the meantime, do check out the covers below, and feel free to let us know what you might be expecting from these books. :)

Other new book covers for the KIDS section unveiled here and here.

Take care, have faith in what you love. Happy reading!

— D