Monday, July 6, 2015

TONIGHT WE SPARKLE — a very special collection, available soon on the Super Cool Books iPad ebookstore

At first I thought I was in the business of writing stories. I collected ideas, made up characters, created plots, did my research about people and places and past events. It was great fun. Yet, more and more, I also felt a pull to write other stuff. Like poems. Articles about being creative, and DIY publishing. Flash fiction pieces. Crazy essays. Even make pictures. I had no real plans for these. I just wanted to capture my thoughts and share them as widely on the internet as possible. This book contains bits of me that people really liked. The stuff here connected us. And so I learnt to see beyond the business of just writing stories. I learnt to share the sparkle.

— D

Don Bosco! He writes stories. He makes books. Mostly for children and teens. His better known works include the Sherlock Hong series, about an enthusiastic young detective in Singapore, 1891; Diary of Young Justice Bao, inspired by the legendary judge who lived in China one thousand years ago; and the Lion City Adventures series, about a society of young explorers in Singapore. He is also the founder of Super Cool Books, a small transmedia publishing studio. His website is