Wednesday, September 23, 2015

our new SHERLOCK HONG edition: these four covers will enchant readers

Been itching to post these lovely designs for a long time. Here they are at last. The approved covers for the new edition of our SHERLOCK HONG series, published by Marshall Cavendish and available soon for pre-orders around the world.

Read the official announcement we made earlier:

Our SHERLOCK HONG series has been acquired by Marshall Cavendish, the new edition will be launched later this year with a few new stories

Come back soon for more news. Especially about the new story, The Legend of Lady Yue. Will see if I can also run an interview with the illustrator. She really captured the spirit of Sherlock Hong. Young and brave, with a cheeky streak.

Keep on writing, keep on reading, keep on believing. See you at this weekend's Matchbox Mayhem event, organised by the National Arts Council. Details and sign up info here.

— D