Tuesday, September 15, 2015

show some love for the Fiendish Mastermind from Jurong

BookFest@Singapore 2015 / Popular Readers' Choice Awards is inviting you to pick three of your favourite local books for children. One of which can be LION CITY ADVENTURES by DON BOSCO (Marshall Cavendish / Super Cool Books). (Read more about this here.)

And another one can be Sherlock Sam And The Fiendish Mastermind In Jurong by AJ Low. Which is actually the husband-and-wife writing team, Adan Jimenez and Felicia Low-Jimenez.

They are really funny people and also very helpful to fellow writers (like me). So it's my great honour to feature them on this website. Bonus: they also came up with a funny poem just for us. Check it out below.

Remember to vote for your favourite children's books at the BookFest@Singapore 2015 / Popular Readers' Choice Awards. You can do this online at:


Books are super cool! What will we do without them.

— D


* Hello! Describe your book in one sentence.
It's the awesome conclusion to Mastermind Trilogy in which Sherlock Sam and the Supper Club confront their arch-nemesis!

* What do you enjoy about writing this series?
Spending more time with our characters. Every new book lets us learn more about them!

* Can you compose a fun limerick or funny poem to encourage readers to vote for you? 
There once were two people in Singapore
Who loved to take meals and food every hour
They started writing a book
So they could eat but not cook
But then their large bellies grew even more!

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