Friday, October 16, 2015

100 WRITERS ____ Jeffrey Chiang is writing a monster movie in Malaysia and you're invited to watch the story come to life

Note: At Super Cool Books, we're preparing to introduce a brand new mystery-horror-thriller imprint for teens very soon — more details coming — and we thought it would be cool to celebrate some fellow writers who love creepy storytelling too. Look out for more posts like this. Enjoy! And watch out for our coming 100 WRITERS meetup hosted by StoryCode Singapore.

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Happy writer Jeffrey Chiang with his MAWAS story introduction kit.

This week we're featuring our friend Jeffery Chiang, executive producer of Iceberg Design in Malaysia and also a veteran film maker in Singapore. Jeffrey's been writing the script and story introduction kit for his new project, MAWAS. It's a horror-action story based on the Orang Mawas legend in Malaysia. This is an elusive creature known to be over 2 metres tall, black and furry, intelligent, and extremely reserved. Sure sounds like a cousin of the Bigfoot in North America and the yeti (aka the Abominable Snowman) in Nepal.

MAWAS story concept art.
Picture by Jeffrey Chiang / Cineworks Sdn Bhd + Iceberg Design Sdn Bhd

How real is the Orang Mawas? Some eyewitness accounts have been documented — the first proper one appeared in 1871 — but so far their existence has not been scientifically verified. There have been even more sightings of the Orang Mawas within the last 10 years, around plantations and forest areas. Once some workers spotted an entire family of them, and the national authorities launched a search. But still there hasn't been any success in locating them. The inconsistent information has inspired local cryptozoologists (people who study animals that scientists are sceptical about) to propose their own conspiracy theories.

Sneak peak: pre-lettering page from the MAWAS graphic novel.
Picture by Jeffrey Chiang / Cineworks Sdn Bhd + Iceberg Design Sdn Bhd

At the heart of Jeffrey's story is a frightful conflict between humanity and nature, as the Orang Mawas retaliate after a powerful corporation threatens their secretive and peaceful existence. There's also a MAWAS graphic novel that's ready for release, and various story spin-offs for print and digital formats. You can follow Jeffrey's journey at his MAWAS MONSTRO Facebook page, and look out for invitations to meet him at talks and industry networking sessions. 

Design for MAWAS official collector's t-shirt. 
Picture by Jeffrey Chiang / Cineworks Sdn Bhd + Iceberg Design Sdn Bhd

Better still, pick up a collectors' limited edition MAWAS t-shirt — RM88 each, order from: — and consider yourself a member of this coming monster revolution. More information here.

Picture by Jeffrey Chiang / Cineworks Sdn Bhd + Iceberg Design Sdn Bhd

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