Sunday, October 11, 2015

coming soon _____ SECRETS OF THE HEARTLANDS: Book 2 of the Lion City Adventures series

I've been posting about the new Sherlock Hong books. These will be in stores soon. Also on the way from Marshall Cavendish: Book 2 of the Lion City Adventures series, SECRETS OF THE HEARTLANDS. Please tell your kids?

We've taken the Lion City Adventuring Club concept one step further and created an immersive mystery experience that's packed with even more of the good feelings you found in the first book. Based on the comments so far, I think this sequel will make young readers feel for the heartlands of Singapore in a new way.

Meanwhile there's a reprint of Lion City Adventures (the first book) going on, this time we've fixed some of the problems in the first printing. On top of all this, and launching Sherlock Hong worldwide, we're doing 100 WRITERS, plus we're working hard to get the new version of our iPad ebookstore app ready for a Christmas launch, plus also there's a new mystery and horror imprint for teens that's almost ready and this will be the home for our coming Eastern Zombie Society series.

Just wanted to say all this here to share the fun and make it a community thing because that's definitely what inspires all of us working on this. Thank you and looking forward to giving our kids a really magical Christmas with these stories!

_____ By the way, here's a Q&A I did recently on LinkedIn with Vadivu Govind of Joy Works. She asked lots of good questions about my inspiration for Lion City Adventures, how the book was written, and how I stay happy and motivated doing Super Cool Books. (Read interview here.)

_____ Lion City Adventures has been nominated for BookFest@Singapore 2015 / Popular Readers' Choice Awards! Do remember to click over to their website and vote for the book. It's free and you stand to win nice prizes. (Go here to vote.)

Happy reading, dear friends, and treat yourself nice!

— D