Saturday, November 28, 2015

100 WRITERS _____ Photos from our first meetup last week, hosted by StoryCode SG, what a great time

The first 100 WRITERS meetup was hosted by StoryCode SG last week. As you can tell by these photos, we had too much fun. Thanks to the reps from all the other storytelling communities, appreciate that they took the time to join us and share their updates. You can read about the event at the StoryCode SG page on Medium.

— D

Don Bosco's 100 WRITERS project aims to help 100 or more writers publish their stories using storyhacking methods and DIY publishing tools. Download the two free PDF guides: THE OFFICIAL 100 WRITERS STORY WORKBOOK and KEEP CALM AND UPLOAD E-BOOKS.

Read the after-event report on StoryCode SG's Medium page.