Wednesday, November 25, 2015

FRIENDS OF SUPER COOL BOOKS _____ It takes a special kind of talent to write a joke book, here's someone who did it

Rachel Tan is an enthusiastic book blogger. Check out her blog and you'll see that she really loves to read. Especially books from Singapore. And she's funny too. Proof: she wrote and published her own joke book. Fantastic Factory Full of Funnies. That's the title.

According to her, if she could mix and match the best parts of all the books she has devoured, she says "it would be part Harry Potter, part Hunger Games, part poetry, part graphic novel, part prose. No I'm just kidding. That would be a Frankenstein of a book." And then she adds, "Hahahahahaha." Seriously, she's fun like that. She's also "quite shy and don't really want publicity if you don't mind", in her own words, which is why I can't add a photograph of her here. Never mind. Stare at her book cover instead and see if you can imagine what she looks like. And after that, go buy her joke book. Here's Rachel in her own words. Secrets of a joke book writer.

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"I'm currently teaching and writing in my spare time. I'm working on a book on Singapore's forefathers and doing it in verse.

I LOVE telling jokes and making people laugh. In my previous company, I told all sorts of jokes to my colleagues on a daily basis. Some groaned, but some laughed uproariously and couldn't stop. One day, during a workshop, the trainer suggested I compile all my jokes into a book, add some illustrations, and it would definitely prove to be popular. So I did just that!

Most people have told me it was really funny and that it's very good. But I was most touched when a clinical psychologist decided to buy a book for a client of hers to cheer a child up. The client was suffering from depression if I remember correctly and she wanted something that was relatable. I'm glad my joke book could help."

Here's a bit of Rachel's hand. Mostly her thumb. And last finger.
This will help you recognise her if you ever attend her book signing.
BTW Rachel reviewed the Sherlock Hong books here, here, here and here.

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