Monday, November 9, 2015

SG AUTHOR SERIES _____ I got together with a roomful of young readers and naturally we came up with a brand new story from scratch, it's called MRS HAPPY OWL

What a thrilling experience. Last Saturday, as part of the NLB's SG Author Series, I met with a group of young readers at the Bishan Public Library Activity Room, and I explained how we created the Lion City Adventuring Club, and also how it's connected to the characters in my Sherlock Hong series, even though the two series are set over a hundred years apart. And after that we fired up our imagination and used my Fun Story Boxes worksheet to come up with a brand new story together. Something short and fun and quite exciting. About Mrs Happy Owl. You can read the tale in full below. And I've also included the worksheet, so you can download it and try it out at home. But that's not all. Everyone pitched in to contribute wonderful illustrations too. All this accomplished within fifteen minutes or so. I salute these remarkable young talents. A good time was had by all. Especially me! :) Thank you, and I look forward to seeing all of you again. Also, let's have three cheers for the National Library Board and the Read! Singapore team. HIP HIP HOORAY HOORAY H-O-O-R-A-Y!

— D

Yup, this very big notice explains it all.

Our titles available at NLB branches. Except Secrets of the Heartlands, 
it's still being printed.

The story that we came up with together. From scratch.
You could almost see the creative sparks jumping out of our heads.

Future comic book genius here. Great panelling work.

Explosive action, nicely done. Fart Powder alert!

These cute characters are ready to star in their own movie.

What an awesome villain! I love the scowl and the dog collar 
and the skull + crossbones t-shirt. And also the Mohawk haircut.

Another wonderful sketch. Lovely character designs.
They deserve their own comic book too.
The policeman looks incredibly tough.

From one of our younger contributors. What a cheerful policeman.
Everyone here seems to be having lots of fun!

This is an exciting fight scene from the story. 
You can almost hear the sound effects.
Pow! Grrr! Hey! FWWWOOOSH!

Very adorable character designs. The owl looks like a real hero.
You can see the story progressing from left to right. 

After we created the story together, I left it up
on the huge screen so that everyone could refer to it
while working on their illustrations. 

Here's the Fun Story Boxes worksheet that we used. 
You can download this image and print it yourself.
It's a full A4 sheet.

How to solve these two puzzles, from

This is Jacob's own book, he wrote this and 
he brought it along. 

You can read a bit of it too! If you have any fan mail for him,
just email it to us and we will pass it along.