Saturday, November 14, 2015

UPDATES _____ been sprinkling a bit of awesome all over the internet. how are you? thanks for dropping by :)

Sweet greetings, dear readers. It is a pleasant day here at Super Cool Books HQ. After weeks of jiggling and juggling, I finally managed to send off a bunch of files. To people around the world. Which means a few things. One of which is that a new ebook will be appearing in the coming weeks. The first part of my new Eastern Zombie Society series, for teen readers, released under the Bat and Spider imprint of Super Cool Books. And another thing, the long-awaited update to our Super Cool Books iPad app will be uploaded soon. You can expect a slightly different look and lots of new titles. Six, if you're counting. And also, unrelated to the previous two points, I got started properly on Instagram. You are invited to follow me here. Yay! I have loads and loads more things to tell you and they are all below. Take care and happy reading! Thanks for supporting Super Cool Books.  :)

— D

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_____ One new SHERLOCK HONG review every week 
Rachel's Book Reviews is a very entertaining blog by educator and author Rachel Tan. She's reviewing one Sherlock Hong book every week, and so far she's halfway through. You can also check out her self-published joke book here, it's called The Fantastic Factory Full of Funnies, and my two sons love it so much they memorised some of the pages.

Review of The Immortal Nightingale
Review of The Peranakan Princess

_____ SHERLOCK HONG giveaway for parents, still on
Singapore parenting blog LIL BLUE BOTTLE is running a very special giveaway. You can win all four Sherlock Hong titles! Three days to go, so hurry over and check out the post + instructions here.

_____ blog interview: what really happens at Super Cool Books
Fellow author Melanie Lee featured me on her blog! You can check out the full interview here. You might also recall that we featured her Squirky the Alien picture book series here.

_____ where I share a few special tips for fathers
I did a fun interview with Malaysian parenting website Thots N Tots, about the important stuff that a first time father should know. Read it here.

_____ making merry as the mischievious maker man 
I made a special appearance in this fun book that the Science Centre produced for this year's Maker Faire Singapore. Do check it out, it's called Busy Hands, Happy Hearts, and it's still available through the Science Centre gift shop.

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