Tuesday, December 8, 2015

100 WRITERS _____ meet Joyce Chng the SG writer of science fiction, steampunk and fantasy books and also indie publishing veteran

NOTE: This is part of my 100 WRITERS project. We had a great launch session hosted by StoryCode SG.

In the early days of Super Cool Books, when we were just starting out, I was looking around for other indie writers in Singapore, especially those who were actively self-publishing. Many links led me to Joyce Chng. Even though I hadn't heard of her before that, I was very impressed by what I found. Here she is to explain how she manages to write and publish so much. Do check out her links at the end.

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Tell us about your writing journey!
I am Joyce Chng. I am published under small and independent publishers, and also self-published. In terms of ‘writing journey’, I am still learning a lot on this path. I am a sff author/writer. My short stories are science fiction or fantasy or speculative fiction. I write urban fantasy under J. Damask. At the same time, I self-publish through Amazon, Smashwords, Gumroad and Wattpad. 

You're really prolific, what keeps you so inspired and hardworking? 
Life. What I see around me. Discipline. My kids. To be honest, I don’t see myself as hardworking, but disciplined, because writing is an art and a craft. You can only move forward when you keep on working on it. 

Any tips for younger writers just starting out?
1. Write.
2. Do not be afraid to submit your work to markets.
3. Do not be afraid to fail.
4. Know yourself.
5. Know your audience.
6. Write.

My idea of an ideal publisher is ...
Ooo, this is hard, because ask one author and you get a hundred and one answers. An ideal publisher should be open to diversity and not afraid to invest in authors and writers. However, because publishing is a business, an ideal publisher should know the audience/readership well. He or she not only grows the business, but also cultivates and grooms authors as they are his or her vital assets. He or she is not afraid to market the work of the authors under the imprint(s) and be proud to talk about the stories because as a publisher, you have to believe in your authors.

Website: http://awolfstale.wordpress.com

Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/jolantru

Urban fantasy: https://awolfstale.wordpress.com/urban-fantasy/

Dragon Sisters (MG/YA):


Picturebook under Lantana Publishing: http://www.lantanapublishing.com/books/dragon-dancer/

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