Thursday, December 17, 2015

100 WRITERS _____ We're making waves around the world and looking forward to more storyhacking meetups in 2016

“StoryCode Singapore has a 
cool new group project in the works 
called 100 Writers.”

Our 100 WRITERS meetup in November earned a special mention in’s December digital newsletter, the Immersive Media Dispatch. Thanks again to everyone who came by or helped out in any way. Here’s a recap of what happened, at this link. StoryCode is an open-source, global community for emerging and established cross-platform and immersive storytellers. I’m really thrilled to be a co-organiser of the Singapore chapter. We have lots of great sessions planned in 2016, to bring local storytellers together and create opportunities for new collaborative projects. Among other things, we’ll be hosting my Captain Cardboard storyhacking workshop again, and we’ll also be leading sessions at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2016. Drop by the official StoryCode SG page on and sign up for updates. Catch you soon.

— D

All buzzing at the 100 WRITERS session in November.

Some of my work with StoryCode SG:

Story-coding for a more inclusive future
by Don Bosco
Excerpt: "This week I was a panel speaker at a session organised by the Singapore Committee for UN Women. The topic — An Inclusive Future: Gender Equality in Children’s Stories.
This captures many of the concerns faced by everyone creating story entertainment for children today. Whether you’re making books or movies or software or live performances. I really started paying attention to this after I came across the We Need Diverse Books movement. They made me aware that diversity issues have a great impact on the creative, social and business future of storytelling. Especially due to the internet, as audiences start to aggregate on a global level." Read the full piece here

How Super Cool Books took its Sherlock Hong mysteries from idea to transmedia
by Don Bosco
Excerpt: "It’s November 2015. The new edition of Super Cool Books’ Sherlock Hong book series, a mystery slash adventure story franchise for kids, is available on the major ebook platforms, thanks to international publishing partner Marshall Cavendish. The paperbacks will ship worldwide in February 2016. Bonus story elements are being discreetly seeded across social media, and will be activated when the next batch of books are released in late 2016. Also, we’re prototyping games and live story experiences. Here’s the journey in full so you can understand how Super Cool Books got from a one-line story idea to work-all-night transmedia startup." Read the full piece here

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