Wednesday, December 9, 2015

EASTERN ZOMBIE SOCIETY _____ launch of BAT AND SPIDER our new YA imprint + first EZS ebook now available, start of a zombie thriller transmedia project

It's long overdue, but the first story for my EASTERN ZOMBIE SOCIETY series is now available on all good ebook platforms. This is also the launch of Bat and Spider, our horror / mystery / thriller imprint for YA titles. We'll be doing lots of super cool stuff on Instagram for this, so do join the fun, especially if you're into fandom action. Stay tuned and follow the story!  

— D

Eastern Zombie Society
By Don Bosco
A YA thriller. Sandy Lu is a high school student with a big secret: she was brought up to serve the Eastern Zombie Society. Her first mission is to stop the Shang Corporation from building their zombie colony in Southeast Asia. But Jeff Lau, the charismatic young heir to the Shang empire, proves to be a dangerous opponent. Can she survive his cruel game?

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