Wednesday, December 16, 2015

LION CITY ADVENTURES _____ Have you ever enjoyed a book so much that you just wanted to eat it? Now you can! Super Cool Books presents our very special BOOKCAKES, no kidding

Believe it or not, that's a nice yummy cake in front.

Thanks to our enthusiastic readers, all of you, LION CITY ADVENTURES won the First Prize in the English (Children) Category at this year’s Popular Readers' Choice Awards earlier this month. I wrote about my experience at the award ceremony here.

So here’s an awkward confession. The whole week I was so excited that I wanted to eat my own book. As you probably know, that’s not a good idea. Books are not meant to be consumed like that. They contain bits of glue and thread and types of paper that our stomachs can’t handle. I’d end up really sick. And feel awful. So I didn’t follow up on that urge. But then one night I suddenly woke up with a brilliant idea. What if I managed to make a copy of the book entirely out of the yummiest, most awesome chocolate cake? And then it would be completely safe for me to stuff my face with it and enjoy the book in this way. A bookcake! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

I asked around to see if there were any professional bookcake publishers in Singapore. One thing led to another and soon the exceptionally talented people at The White Ombre were working on this. In case you’ve never heard of bookcakes, here are some photos below of their creation process. There are no actual pages in the cake, so you can’t actually read it, but trust me it’s so delicious that you won’t mind. And we also made another one to celebrate the launch of the SHERLOCK HONG ADVENTURES series.

Anyway, what I think is that if they made school textbooks like this, I’m sure it’ll be a great hit and this could be an effective way to encourage students to spend more time with their homework. Not only that, it’ll also promote literature in the schools. What do you think? Enjoy the photos and we look forward to sharing even greater and yummier adventures together in the coming months. Because Book 2 of the series is already out! You can get SECRETS OF THE HEARTLANDS in the bookstores now. I’m already trying to imagine how that one might taste. Oooh!

— D

It starts with this slab of yummy cake.

Cover it with fondant icing.

And now the base colour goes on.

Carefully apply the printed images. All ready to eat!

Close up of the main bookcake.

And here's the other bookcake!

Going, going, gone!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Join us for the launch of 
(Lion City Adventures, Book 2)

23rd January 2016 (Saturday)
2.00 p.m.
Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store