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LION CITY ADVENTURES _____ Launching SECRETS OF THE HEARTLANDS, Book 2 of the award-winning series in January 2016 at Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store (Orchard)

In June 2015, the Lion City Adventuring Club organised a party at the Kinokuniya Jurong Store to celebrate the launch of the award-winning LION CITY ADVENTURES book. We’ll be meeting again, and very soon, to do the same for Book 2, SECRETS OF THE HEARTLANDS. Here’s information about the event below, and also a short preview of the book. Enjoy!

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From the Kinokuniya website:

Please note that photography and videography will be carried out during our events. Books Kinokuniya may use some or all of these images in our marketing channels.

Don Bosco of Lion City Adventures 2: Secrets Of The Heartlands

23rd January 2016 (Saturday)
2.00 p.m.
Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store

Local author Don Bosco of the popular children’s book, Lion City Adventures, is back with the second book to the series – Secrets Of The Heartlands – which takes young readers on a fun journey back in time to witness how the fascinating heartlands of Singapore has evolved from the old days.

Eight delightful neighbourhoods are featured in this book including Tiong Bahru, Queenstown, Toa Payoh, Marine Parade, etc. Each chapter contains a history of the area, information about remarkable people and events, colourful illustrations, and a fun activity. Highlights include: the Dragon playground of Toa Payoh, the Cinema King of Nee Soon, the River Without a Tail in Queenstown, the Princess of Golden Beauty in Kampong Bahru, and more.

Parents who are familiar with the nostalgic places featured in Lion City Adventures 2: Secrets Of The Heartlands, do make it a point to bring along your children to Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store on Saturday, 23rd January at 2.00 p.m. and meet/speak with Don, as well as to have some family fun discovering stories about our island’s heartlands.


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(Lion City Adventures, Book 2)



The Lion City Adventuring Club (LCAC) was started in the year 1894. Its members focussed on three simple goals: to have fun exploring Singapore, make new friends and share interesting stories.

As the club grew, the members explored and made maps of the many interesting kampongs (Malay for “village”) scattered all over the island, moving further and further out of the main city area.

Everywhere they went, they would encourage the children to start their own exploration groups and share their adventuring stories with the LCAC through letters and sketches.

In 1930, Chief Adventurer Gopal S., then a student and librarian at St. Joseph’s Institution, invited three LCAC members to start the Special Council for the Greater Exploration of Kampongs (SCGEK). They organised weekly trips to visit even the most distant kampongs.

One of the members often borrowed her father’s camera for the excursions. This was the beginning of the LCAC’s photograph archive. It contains many unique and inspiring shots taken over the years.

In 1967, the SCGEK launched its own newsletter, the Lion City Journal of Open Exploration. Each issue contained exploration guides for different neighbourhoods, photographs of interesting landmarks, suggestions for activities, as well as adventuring reports submitted by the members.

As Singapore continued to develop, many of the kampong areas were cleared to make space for high rise apartments. In 1982, after many meetings, Chief Adventurer Janice De Cruz finally convinced the SCGEK leaders to change their focus. During the LCAC’s Christmas party that year, they announced that they would henceforth be known as the Heartlands Exploration Group. Their new objective: to create a network of young and brave explorers all across the heartlands, and keep the kampong spirit alive.

In 2015, a retired businessman donated a very generous sum of money to support the LCAC’s heartlands research activities. Thanks to him, the Heartlands Exploration Group was able to compile the best bits from its Lion City Journal of Open Exploration and publish this book for the enjoyment of young adventurers everywhere.

Why did the retired businessman do this? It’s an amazing story indeed.

And it starts in the next chapter.

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