Sunday, December 6, 2015

LION CITY ADVENTURES _____ Thanks for your awesome support, we won two prizes at the Popular Readers' Choice Awards 2015 Presentation Ceremony

On Saturday morning I went down to the Popular Readers' Choice Awards 2015 Presentation Ceremony at Suntec City. As an author and story creator, it was my first experience at a grand event like this. I met LION CITY ADVENTURES editor Melvin Neo at the reception just before it started. Lots of my friends were there too. Fellow writers and illustrators and people in the Singapore publishing industry. 

When it was time, Melvin and I went upstairs to the event hall. We didn't know what to expect. The staff from Popular surprised us with a fantastic welcome. They lined up on both sides of the carpet and clapped as we approached the stage. For a moment I felt like an Olympic champion. I'll be honest. I thought maybe it would be nice to go home with an award. Any one would do. It would definitely encourage everyone else on our publishing team. They've been working hard on this series. And my two sons would be thrilled. 

The Popular Readers' Choice Awards was based on votes from readers, young and old, across Singapore. LION CITY ADVENTURES ended up winning the First Prize in the English (Children) Category. I went up on stage to receive the award from Yeow Kai Chai, Director of the Singapore Writers Festival. We've been friends for many years and it was definitely a nice moment. And then, as it turned out, LION CITY ADVENTURES also won the award for Best Book Cover, English (Children) Category.

Two awards! At that moment I was almost breathless. It felt like a dream. A lovely dream that was also shared by so many readers around Singapore. We really hope you enjoy Book 2 of the series, SECRETS OF THE HEARTLANDS, just as much. It's new and it's available in bookstores now. Together we can create many more exciting stories for young readers. Our sincere thanks to the team at Popular for organising such a special event for book lovers. A community that reads together will surely thrive together.

— D

Super highlight of the day: getting to hang out with so many of 
my friends in the Singapore book publishing industry. 
That's me smiling happily in the back row, #7 from the right.

Popular's BookFest@Singapore 2015 will run until 13 December. 
So hurry down and grab some great book deals!

You can read all about LION CITY ADVENTURES, the book that launched the series and captured the hearts of so many readers, young and old, right here: Link

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