Wednesday, December 30, 2015

SHERLOCK HONG ADVENTURES _____ A book is just a tool for waking up your imagination and using it to explore wonderful worlds

Thanks to cool mom Serene for posting this! It inspired me tremendously. And a number of other parents too. One reason we started Super Cool Books was because I really wanted to entertain my sons in a way that was vivid, thoughtful and fun. And so I ended up developing a storywriting style specially for them. An approach which emphasised visualisation and kinaesthetic (action) cues. Because this helps them improve their imagination skills. Along the way it turned out that other young readers, their parents, even educators all found our stories enjoyable and charming. And that's how the Super Cool Books signature style came about. Me trying to help my kids enjoy reading. It's fantastic when I see other families sharing this joy too. I wish you all great love and blessings in 2016. Let's create a wonderful world for our children.

— D