Sunday, December 20, 2015

SHERLOCK HONG ADVENTURES _____ Coming soon to bookstores and schools in Malaysia, get ready for some awesome thrills with Sherlock and Aisha

This is a special message for our readers in Malaysia. Hello there! We have some fun activities planned for you, but like all good things it will take time to put this together. If you’ve seen our books featured in schools, libraries, malls and mobile apps around Kuala Lumpur, it’s mostly because of our local education partner Brain Bytes. They specialise in creating innovative learning experiences for students, and are most passionate about S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) learning approaches. Jimmy Leong is the Chief Operating Officer at Brain Bytes, and you might remember this interview with him. Here he is again to say “hi!” to all our readers in Malaysia. We’re definitely looking forward to sharing information about the launch activities around Kuala Lumpur in 2016. In the meantime, keep reading and enjoying your stories. See you soon!

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Here's Jimmy with the original Super Cool Books edition
of the Sherlock Hong series.

"Hi, my name is Jimmy Leong from Brain Bytes, Malaysia. The Sherlock Hong series is special to me because it has mystery, mischief and magic all in one! Together with a pinch of Asian setting, history and values too. The time, setting and characters are all very unique, and I enjoy having a glimpse of these exciting times in the year 1891. If I could suggest a mystery for Sherlock Hong to solve, it would be Sherlock Hong and the Petronas Twin Tower Mystery. Our students in Malaysia would surely look forward to this!"

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You can visit the Brain Bytes website here. Below are some links about our joint effort to promote language arts and literacy in Malaysia:

Malaysia | our partner Brain Bytes at the Star Education Fair 2014

Malaysia | special school showcase organised by BRAIN BYTES

CLiC @ Sentul Raya (KL) hosted DIARY OF YOUNG JUSTICE BAO reading carnival + the kids had a fantastic time!

Read our book, join the fun, bring your stories to life @ Sentul Raya (KL, Malaysia)

If you’d like to organise something similar in Malaysia, do contact Jimmy at:

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