Monday, December 28, 2015

SHERLOCK HONG ADVENTURES _____ Here are some awesome drawings from our Sherlock Hong cover illustrator’s sketchbook

Lots of readers really like the new SHERLOCK HONG ADVENTURES book covers. They look fun and thrilling and a little mysterious. These were created by Singapore illustrator Ann Gee Neo. I introduced her recently, here’s the interview. This week I invited her to share some pages from her sketchbook, so you can understand how the drawings developed. Who knows, one day you might get a chance to illustrate your own books too. Do let me know when that happens, I’d be delighted to feature your work here. 

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_____ special SHERLOCK HONG feature

featuring Ann Gee Neo

DON — You’ve managed to make Sherlock quite handsome! He looks like a singer in a world famous boyband. How did you do this?  

ANN GEE — I think likability is very important, and there are some ways to go about creating a "handsome" character. A pleasant face usually is one of that. No irregularities in features (i.e more or less symmetrical face) no disfiguring scars, etc. Hair also plays an important part in establishing the character as well, they can be quite important visual cues sometimes. Like crazy hair for mad scientists, smooth centre-parted hair and glasses for a bookish character. Finally, clothing is also an important part to make sure the tone of the character is right

DON — What tools would readers need to draw like you?

ANN GEE — Pencil/paper for initial rough sketches, ideas on composition, etc. And Photoshop for more finished sketches and also executing the final artwork.

DON — How did you give the illustrations such a classic Asian feel?

ANN GEE — I used Asian architectural elements, all inspired by the settings in the respective stories. A story like The Legend of Lady Yue has elements that are more obviously Asian. Also, the main colour of the finished illustration is so Chinese-ly red. 

DON — Which of the Sherlock Hong covers is your favourite, and why?

ANN GEE — It's so hard to pick! I really do like how all of them turned out, but I think The Scroll of Greatness is my favourite. I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe the mood of the cover? And I like the colour blue. ;)

Find out more about Ann Gee Neo's work! 

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