Wednesday, January 27, 2016

LION CITY ADVENTURES _____ see this hipster dad get groovy on the ukulele, what he does at the end is pretty flipping sweet

I love libraries. I love bookstores. Did you ever imagine that one day you could stand in the middle of a nice bookstore, whip out a musical instrument, and just sing your heart out? Well, my dream came true. Last weekend I had a chance to do this at the bookstore launch event for SECRETS OF THE HEARTLANDS (Lion City Adventures, Book 2). Me and my new travel ukulele. It's made of plastic and it looks like a toy. You can see it in the photo above. But it sounds pretty lively! It was an experience I’ll remember forever. Here are some photos from the event. BONUS: And if you keep scrolling all the way down, there’s a short video too. Of me having fun with the ukulele. I can’t wait to do it again! :) Take care, have good adventures, and do check out the book. Ch-ch-check it out.

Thanks to our publisher Marshall Cavendish International (Asia), event host Neo Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store, all the parents and kids who turned up, and also my friend Vadivu Govind of Joyworks for taking the video.

— D

This is me waiting for the event to start. Notice the nice display behind me? They had both books up, LION CITY ADVENTURES and SECRETS OF THE HEARTLANDS. And also that lovely event poster. It felt very grand indeed.

Photo: Kinokuniya Book Stores of Singapore

That’s our event MC on the left, Mindy from Marshall Cavendish. She also organised some activities for the children and parents, and gave out prizes. On the right is Norman, an excellent friend of the Lion City Adventuring Club. He is a very lively and observant child. Lots of fun to have around.

Photo: Kinokuniya Book Stores of Singapore

Some considered this the highlight of the event: we had two friends of the Lion City Adventuring Club come up and help read a section from the first chapter of the book. They did a marvellous job. The other children were inspired by the way they brought the story to life. Me too!

We also distributed this collectible handout. It was created for the bookstore launch of the first book, LION CITY ADVENTURES. That event was held at another Kinokuniya outlet, in Jurong. I see some very interesting doodles on this one! (Keep reading, the video of my ukulele performance is coming up.)

It's so awesome to see that parents are actively reading to their children, and encouraging them to enjoy handling books. Even the very young ones were eager to get hold of the book and examine all the cool illustrations.

And now here's a short video of my ukulele performance. The title of the song is, "Do You Know the Dragon Playground of Toa Payoh", and it's inspired by the cover illustration for SECRETS OF THE HEARTLANDS.

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