Wednesday, February 3, 2016

100 WRITERS _____ Turn up with your weird creative talent and we’ll create stories that sparkle

I have two writing workshops coming up. They’re part of my 100 WRITERS project. These are great opportunities to connect with other writers and have fun. You’ll learn the process that I use to create story ideas and extend them into fiction franchises, like my Lion City Adventures series, the Sherlock Hong Adventures series, and my new young adult series, Eastern Zombie Society. All I want is to see more people making their own weird and wonderful books. What an exciting world that would be.

Both workshops are organised by the National Book Development Council of Singapore.

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“Write Weird and Wonderful Stories” is a speculative fiction workshop hosted by the Academy of Literary Arts and Publishing Singapore, which is the training arm of the Book Council. You can sign up at the website here. There’s also a link with advice about grants and discounts, if you qualify. And a 10% discount if you have a Kinokuniya Privilege Card.


Write Weird and Wonderful Stories (Speculative Fiction)
By Don Bosco

9 APRIL 2016 (Sat) 
9.30AM - 1.00PMLevel 5, Possibility Room

Speculative fiction is a fast growing literary genre that appeals to both young and older readers. While based on science fiction and fantasy conventions, today's writers are highly creative and resourceful in incorporating elements of romance, mystery, thriller and horror in their works. In this creative writing workshop, participants will learn how to develop their own original speculative fiction concepts, and draft the opening chapter or scene of their story. The session will end with a friendly feedback session. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of how to create their own brand of speculative fiction and produce writing that is fresh, coherent and highly personal.This workshop is conducted by local author Don Bosco. He started the publishing studio Super Cool Books in 2011 and has since released speculative fiction titles like the Time Talisman series and the Sherlock Hong series.

This workshop is suitable for individuals aged 16 and above.

Sign up here

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The other workshop is part of the All In! Young Writers Festival 2016. The details are here, and also an interview I did for the festival’s Facebook page. I heard that this event was sold out quite early, and then the organisers took in a few more participants, and again a few more, and now it’s really officially quite definitely absolutely finally sold out, I think. If you’re one of the lucky ones, I’m really looking forward to meeting with you and sharing with you my creative process. What stories will you write? What amazing new ideas will you discover? How will this shape your creative journey? My fingers tingle with excitement as I think about the endless possibilities that await us.

13 MARCH 2016
Workshops & Masterclasses
2:00 – 5:00pm

Fiction Writing – Short Stories: Developing Stories Through Unconventional Stimulus
Don Bosco, Super Cool Books

Short stories can be read in one seating, but can you write one in just three hours? This hands-on session talks about the elements of effective and impactful short stories, and how you can pique the reader’s interest through unconventional and witty methods.

Official website:





What you can imagine, you can write. What you can write, you can share. What you can share, you can sell.

Imagine, write, sell. There you go.

See you soon.

— D

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