Saturday, February 13, 2016

100 WRITERS x StoryCode SG _____ You can only create a successful story franchise when kids dream about your storyworld and can't wait to live in it

For some time already, I’ve been having fun collaborating with StoryCode Singapore. We’ve been mostly experimenting with new ways to create interactive storytelling experiences for kids. You can read about our meetups and story hacking projects here. This year, StoryCode SG will be at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC), to share these lessons in immersive storytelling.

We're looking forward to this. Kids today are natural transmedia storytellers. They're always weaving ideas, characters and challenges into fresh adventures. They especially love it when they see that your crazy, funny and thrilling story is actually explaining some powerful mystery about the world we live in. It makes them want to dig even deeper into the story. And also, this is a good time to encourage more diverse transmedia stories, because they show young readers that awesomeness can come in different packages.

If you come by, you'll get to meet our special guest from London, Nataly Rios (Transmedia Storyteller). She’ll talk about producing augmented-reality stories and games, and using connected learning to make your stories even more immersive. Follow StoryCode SG's Meetup page for updates.

Marco Sparmberg from StoryCode Singapore 
meeting with young storytellers at last year's AFCC

The AFCC sessions are:

Cross-Platform Summit: 27. May 2015 4:45–6:15pm
Story-hacking: A Journey of Narrative Creation

Teachers Congress: 29. May 2015 1:15–2:15pm
StoryCode: Community of Narrative Pioneers

Note: StoryCode SG members get 10% discount off the Early Bird price (S$150) for full-day ticket at Cross-Platform Summit.

Happy storytelling!

— D

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