Saturday, February 20, 2016

100 WRITERS _____ You have eleven new friends here and they wrote stories for this indie fiction zine

NOTE: This update is part of my 100 WRITERS project.

PULP TOAST / ROTI BAKAR is a new local/regional fiction zine. I’ve featured it here and here. The first issue is 110 pages of indie storytelling edited by D. M. Jewelle and Joelyn Alexandra. Joelyn also co-organises the local National Novel Writing Month group. I’m delighted to introduce eleven of the story contributors here. The zine is mainly text and a few b/w illustrations, but I’ve managed to get hold of some photos of the writers, so you know what they look like, and if you see them at a book event or something you can say hi. Some of them introduce their stories, some have shared their social media links, some their contact details. Some are shy, and haven't shared as much, so the only way to know what they're like is to read their stories. You can buy a copy of Pulp Toast / Roti Bakar here.

Write what makes you happy!

— D


Joelyn Alexandra

Joelyn Alexandra
Joelyn wrestles for time to write, organize, and craft from all the RPG characters she has in her head.
On her story “Initiative”: Searching for her missing partner, a Ranger realizes she mustn’t only journey to unknown lands, but also fight the warlock inside the ruins of another person.

Valerie Oliveiro
I write poetry at odd hours when I'm not reading or daydreaming about travelling, food or art.
On her story “The Roll that Changed Everything”: A dice tries to escape his monotonous board game life.

S. Mickey Lin
Mickey dreams up many stories and spends his time trying to write them all.
On his story “The 6-Face God”: A man embraces gambling as a religion and ends up betting everything he holds dear.

Naoko Kensaku

Naoko Kensaku
Naoko writes to make sense of her journey through the "real world."
On her story “A Day in the Life of Charlotte Tang”: Sometimes, a throw of the dice determines not just your life, but your day too.

Ganaesh Devaraj

Ganaesh Devaraj
A writer in a state of constant confusion, he’s only now starting to get a hang of the whole “writing stories” thing.
On his stories “Never Saw it Coming” and “Lucky”: Being at the wrong place at the wrong time can be the death of you… and sometimes that can happen literally.

Agnes Chew

Agnes Chew
Agnes Chew is a writer, traveller, and change-maker at heart, enamoured with the notion of getting lost in places beautiful and unknown.
On her story “Ocean of You”: Love personified as the ocean; the ocean encapsulated in a dream.

Leslie W

Leslie W
Leslie W is a fantasy/wuxia lover who is working on her debut YA novel.
On her story “Captive’s Choice”: A warrior on the hunt for a powerful demon.
On her story “The Premature Pilgrimage”: An old man makes a final trip to a cemetery before it’s torn down.

Kane Wheatley-Holder

Kane Wheatley-Holder
Kane Wheatley-Holder is a screenwriter and creative producer in Singapore.
His first story, Roll, revolves around a son's retelling of his mother's life, death and obsession with a pink dice.
His second story, The Weightlifter, traces the fall of a retired weightlifting medalist as he struggles to understand a mysterious death in his past.

D.M. Jewelle
Hi, I'm DMJewelle! ^^/
On her story “Rusalca’s Roulette”: A turn of a dice may affect a dragonslayer more than she thinks.

Denise Choong
I like animals, food in general, and perhaps-overly-romanticised-but-I-lap-it-up-like-catnip-what-can-I-say fiction of Georgian England.
On her story “Five & Six”: This is what happens when you discover an old English dice game named Hazard, and you read too much Georgette Heyer/Jane Austen.

Esther Soh

Esther Soh
Just your ordinary, semi-average Malaysian Chinese girl who breathes, teaches, reads and ever-so-occasionally writes English miscellany.
On her story “Possession”: Media notoriety is not as enjoyable as it may seem, especially when you don't remember how you earned it.

On her story “So They Tell Me, Gamble it All Away”: A man and a woman sit down to play an unusual game of dice.


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