Wednesday, March 9, 2016

100 WRITERS _____ Here’s Melka Stansah and her self-published THE RAVEN TRILOGY young adult series

NOTE: This post is about my 100 WRITERS project.

I only got on Instagram some months back. I sometimes post to #writersofinstagram, #authorsofinstagram, #kidlit, #YAlit, #multiculturalchildrensbooks and #amwriting. For my own projects, I use #SherlockHong, #LionCityAdventures and #EasternZombieSociety. I also started calling myself #KidLitDaddy, especially when I’m posting about #writingtips for creating children’s books. I’ve made a few writer friends on Instagram. One of them is Melka Stansah. She writes YA stories as a hobby, and she recently launched a young adult fantasy series. It’s called The Raven Trilogy, and the website is here. She got this published on her own. Wonderful! Here she is to tell us more about about her amazing writing and publishing journey.

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Please introduce yourself + your new book.
Hello! My name is Melka Stansah. You can call me Melka. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia in May 1983. At just sixteen, I took the leap to move to Melbourne, Australia to study. Later I spent two years living in Singapore but returned to Melbourne where I now reside with my family. My childhood was spent reading Indonesian folklore, manga and novels written by famous authors all around the world. My world of writing is influenced by world history, historical literature and ancient mythology. ‘The Raven Trilogy: The First Journey’ is my first published novel in a series of three. The story is about Raven, an outcast warrior who embarks on a journey to avenge his father’s death. His quest for revenge leads him on a path beyond his wildest dreams when he meets someone that turns his life upside down and discovers the truth of his origins. 

What inspired you to write this book?
My inspiration comes from the songs in the ‘Trespassing’ album by a great artist, Adam Lambert. The songs in the album convey a very beautiful message about love and acceptance and they inspired me to write the story of Raven. I always feel that many of us in our lives have felt like outcasts; not belonging in society and sometimes discriminated against. I hope this book could give hope, empowerment and liberation to the readers who feel that way.

How did you get it published?
After I finished writing the complete trilogy and a prequel, I met with a self-publishing company in Adelaide, Green Hill Publishing. They read and reviewed my manuscript and were keen to undertake the project. We spent six months going through the editing, cover designing and promotion processes. They have been very supportive and it has been such a great experience working with the team.

How do you plan to promote and sell your book?

I had a book launch on Saturday, 30th January 2016 attended by close friends and family members which went well. At the moment my book will be available to purchase online through the website for purchases within Australia. For overseas readers, the special promotion deals will also be available soon on the website. I will promote my book both online and offline; online by social media (follow me on FB, IG and Twitter) and soon I will begin the offline promotion including book expo and book signing. Depending on the demand, I would love to have a book tour one day in the future and meet all of my readers. And most important of all, I would be very happy and looking forward to visit my third home, Singapore! 


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