Friday, March 11, 2016

100 WRITERS _____ Notes for the ALL IN! short story writing workshop

Hey. Have fun with this stuff. See you at the session this Sunday.

— D

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W R I T I N G   R E S O U R C E S

. My 100 WRITERS project, link includes 2 free PDF downloads: Keep Calm and Upload E-books and The Official 100 WRITERS Story Workbook

. The Sherlock Startup: how my SHERLOCK HONG ADVENTURES series went from idea to transmedia

. Writing lessons for the Budding Writers Project: series of story writing lessons and fun exercises I created for young writers

. Eight Story Questions: download this image to your phone and work on your stories wherever you go:

I N T E R V I E W S + A R T I C L E S

. Don Bosco interviewed for the All In! Young Writers Festival 2016 — “Use your imagination, share your feelings, have fun. Because everything else the robots will do better.”
. Don Bosco interviewed on Kitaab — “As a child, whenever I discovered a book I really enjoyed, I would always wish that I could somehow enter the pages and interact with the characters.” 

. The first 100 WRITERS meetup, hosted by StoryCode SG

. Join the StoryCode Singapore Meetup group

C O M I N G   E V E N T S 

. Captain Cardboard comic strip hacking workshop, hosted by StoryCode Singapore and Starving Artist Fair

. Write Weird and Wonderful Stories: my speculative fiction workshop organised by the Academy of Literary Arts and Publishing Singapore

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