Thursday, April 28, 2016

BAT AND SPIDER _____ Preview panels from my comic series TALES OF THE BLACK ROOT, starting next month in Aces Weekly digital magazine

Note: This is an update for my BAT AND SPIDER imprint, which produces original YA horror / thriller / mystery stories. Not to be confused with the main SUPER COOL BOOKS imprint, which develops story franchises like LION CITY ADVENTURES and SHERLOCK HONG ADVENTURES for younger readers.

I’ve been working on a new comic series with acclaimed illustrator Koh Hong Teng. It's called TALES OF THE BLACK ROOT, and it's a mix of suspense and horror and family revenge thriller. Read the earlier announcement here

Our story will run in Aces Weekly from May 16 onwards. This is a digital magazine published by comic book legend David Lloyd, the artist who worked with Alan Moore on the V For Vendetta graphic novel. 

You'll find links to the subscription information below. And I'll try to get an interview with David Lloyd himself, about creating original stories.

Happy reading!

— D

Subscription info —

Subscription is £1 a week

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