Saturday, April 2, 2016

FOR OUR FANS _____ The Super Cool Books iPad app comes with new titles, new design, new features, new reading adventures for you!

This announcement is late. I know. But at last, the new version is now available for the iPad. You can download it on the App Store right now. I’m talking about the Super Cool Books iPad ebookstore. This is quite an improvement from the last one. Our readership has been growing steadily, around the world, and we've included all the changes necessary to make this a cool product that parents, teachers and young readers everywhere can enjoy and share. The app was created in collaboration with Tusitala, a Singapore company that offers digital publishing services.

You can get it here.

— D

Welcome to this special library, created exclusively for fans and
followers of Singapore author Don Bosco. Most of his stories are
inspired by Asian legends and myths, or Asian pop culture like manga,
and feature a very diverse cast of characters.

In this library, you'll find all-time Kids' favourites like the early
Sherlock Hong and Time Talisman books, as well as a new section for
Teens, and also selections from Don's creative journals, which will be
of great interest to budding writers.

Recommended Ages: 8 to 15
Suitable for girls and boys

- Large type and generous white space makes reading easier and more
enjoyable, especially for reluctant readers
- Bookmark pages so you can come back later
- Special collection of writings unavailable elsewhere

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