Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello dear readers ... and welcome to 2017

Woah! It's been such a long time since I last posted anything here. I actually had a proper update scheduled for the first week of January. But I've been running around too much to put it up. Insert excuses here. Heh. Well, this is just a quick note until I settle down and get back on track. I do post occasionally on Instagram and Medium, though. You can click over and have a quick look. I'll wait.

Biggest update right now is that this year I'll be taking part in a few sessions at the Asian Festival of Children's Content 2017, you can look up my schedule here, under 'D'. There are special Early Worm / Early Bird tickets, full festival registration info here. And as a recap, here's all the fun I had at the last AFCC.

These few months, there's a roadshow going around for my Superkicks fiction series for middle grade readers, all the book info here, and my co-author Benedict Boo will be visiting schools across Singapore for talks, games and signings. Do get in touch if you'd like us to visit your school too.

The SingLit Campaign this year is a new thing organised by the National Arts Council, and it looks like my books will be featured as part of two official events, via our co-publisher Marshall Cavendish. More information soon. I'm working on a Special Surprise for this. Which is a secret for now. MYSTERY is my middle name.

Oh, I was featured on The A List about my resolutions for 2017. Scroll down this page to find me, somewhere near the middle.

And at the same time, what else am I up to? Preparing new titles for this year. Oh, the thrills! Meetings and meetings. Promoting my other two recent books, Magicienne (a YA thriller I wrote with Ning Cai) and Imagine All This: How To Write Your Own Stories. Also, getting the new studio space ready. Like, painting the walls and new furniture and drilling and stuff. Photos soon. Probably on our Instagram first.

Happy reading, write what you love, and may you have many super wonderful adventures in 2017!

— D