Wednesday, February 22, 2017

SHERLOCK HONG _____ Welcome to this great #BuySingLit extravaganza featuring the awesome WHISPERING WALL installation with my new Sherlock Hong Song + generous voucher giveaways organised by parent bloggers LITTLE BLUE BOTTLE and MAMAWEARPAPASHIRT

I am so totally buzzed about this #BuySingLit campaign running right now. Buzzed because it's attracting a lot of nice attention and also my inboxes are getting a steady stream of people saying hi and asking questions and offering ideas.

#BuySingLit is an industry effort to promote homegrown books and stories. Over this coming weekend (24 to 26 February 2017) there will be fun public events, pop up retail spots, readings, workshops and more.

I think you can still sign up for my official story workshop this Sunday. Here's more information.

But this post is really about our SHERLOCK HONG ADVENTURES series. We started out publishing the books ourselves at first, back in early 2012, and the series eventually got picked up by Marshall Cavendish who created a new edition for international distribution. Read the amazing story of how this happened.

For me, this month's BuySingLit feels like a nice celebration of this publishing journey.

First of all, we have the wonderful BuySingLit official voucher giveaways organised by parent bloggers LITTLE BLUE BOTTLE (actually Lyn Lee, we interviewed her here) and MAMAWEARPAPASHIRT (we also featured June Yong here). To win, you just need to answer some simple questions about the Sherlock Hong series of children's books.

Here are the links for you to take part in these giveaways:

* * * *

Read this blog post and follow the instructions at the end. Giveaway ends 2359 hrs on 22 Feb 2017 (so get moving!)

* * * *

Read this Facebook post and answer the question. Giveaway ends 11:59pm on 24 Feb

* * * *

Fine print: only for readers in Singapore. You can spend the vouchers on any local books at the participating outlets. Details on the BuySingLit website.

And then, if you're eager to head out to meet people and share a fun experience, there's the WHISPERING WALL event put together by Paperplane. It features a catchy Sherlock Hong Song that I wrote and recorded just for this occasion.

The WHISPERING WALL is a giant illustrated wall that features a whole cast of popular characters from local children's books. Each character comes with a unique recording, and you can go around listening to all of them.

Paperplane is a local story studio and they conceptualised and created this amazing experience. Here are some exclusive graphics from them, which will give you a much clearer idea of what you can expect when you go down.
Click on this image to see the large version. With text that's actually readable.
Here's what the wall will look like. Except much bigger.
There are 15 characters in all. Sherlock Hong is Number 10.

I hope you do sing along to the Sherlock Hong Song when you head down to the Whispering Wall at Plaza Singapura between 24 February to 5 March 2017. All of 10 days! Raise your voice and dance, even, if you feel like it. Just look out for the highly distinctive illustration of Sherlock Hong. I might see you there too.

Here's another preview graphic from Paperplane, simply because it's gorgeous and awe inspiring and will make you want to go down this weekend and enjoy the real thing:

Honestly, what all this feels like is I'm caught in the middle of a fantastic Sherlock Hong party and everyone around me is having so much fun too. I'm taking some time off right now to just feel the thrill. That's why stories like these are important. They make it possible for people to come together and share the experience of fun, joy and sheer heartwarming creativity.

The SHERLOCK HONG ADVENTURES community has grown so much. It's bigger than anything I dared to expect when we started out. I owe a big thank you to all the wonderful people, all of you, who adopted this young detective into your imagination and used him to express your own creativity and passions.

Thanks also to the #BuySingLit organisers for sponsoring the vouchers and making these social media giveaways possible.

Do take a moment to Like the BuySingLit Facebook page.

Have a great BuySingLit weekend.

And may your dreams have the power to move mountains.

— D

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