Monday, March 27, 2017

SUPERKICKS _____ News about Book 2: BEST SHOT + exciting photo gallery from our current Superkicks School Tour 2017

Hi there, dear readers! It's been quite a while since I posted about our Superkicks series. It's actually been keeping us really busy, here at Super Cool Books.

The big news this week is that my co-author Benedict Boo (read his interview here, if you haven't already) and I are almost finished with writing Book 2. The title for this book is BEST SHOT, and it should be available in stores around the middle of this year. Do look out for it.

Also, Benedict is currently leading the Superkicks School Tour 2017. He visits schools to talk to students about being better athletes, encourage them to read more, and also sign lots of Superkicks paperbacks at each school. Have a look at his photos from the event, below.

Don't you wish you could have joined us there too? Yeah! You can contact us to arrange for a high energy and inspiring school talk, we'd love to see you soon. Just email your request to:, and include SUPERKICKS SCHOOL TOUR in the subject line.

Wishing you lots and lots of wonderful books to read! :)

— D

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