Thursday, May 4, 2017

MY BLADE QUEST _____ Book launch info, yay! + introducing our LITTLE KNIGHTS team at Armour Publishing, creating this amazing reading experience for everyone

The Asian Festival of Children's Content 2017 is happening later this month. I'll be speaking at 3 sessions, and facilitating at a story hacking workshop there too. But that's not all. We'll also be launching the first two books of my new series, MY BLADE QUEST, at the Festival. You're invited to join us on 18 May 2017, 1.30pm at My Tree House, the World's 1st Green Library for Kids. That's at B1 of the Central Public Library, along Victoria Street. And over that weekend (20 + 21 May) I'll be signing books at the Armour Publishing booth. Do look out for the schedule.  

But wait, there's more: I'm so thrilled right now to introduce to you the wonderful people at Armour Publishing who are making this series possible. That would be Ruth Wan (Associate Publisher), Rebecca Lim (Editor), Ray Toh (Illustrator), Christabel Chew (Designer) and Renee Yang (Marketing Executive). You can read about them below.

I hope you'll follow us on this adventure and collect all six books. Lovely paperbacks with wonderful illustrations that will draw you deep into the exciting world of My Blade Quest. A reading experience to remember!

Little Knights is the imprint of Armour Publishing that specialises in children's books. Their popular titles include the Timmy & Tammy series by Ruth Wan, Ranger Anne series by Anita Sebastian, and Stacey and the Museums series by Lianne Ong. If you've written a book that you think might be suitable for them, do feel free to email them. You can find out more at their website here.

And now, let's scroll down and meet the team. Because they are excited about meeting you too! Just that some of them are a little shy, and that's why they didn't share their proper photos, heh.

— D


This is Ruth. She writes books for children too. Check out her Timmy and Tammy series.

Ruth Wan

Associate Publisher

What I do
I’m Ruth and I approached Don to see if he’d like to publish with Armour. I looked through his manuscripts and selected My Blade Quest out of all of his writings, because I loved the storyline!

What intrigues me
The writing is heart-palpitatingly good!

Describe this series to a friend
A mind-bending page turner

Which one is Rebecca? Clue: green.

Rebecca Lim

What I do
Hello, I'm Rebecca and I'm the editor of My Blade Quest! My role is to edit the language and content of the manuscripts, work with the illustrator and designer on the visual aspects of the series, and oversee the process of turning the manuscripts into books.

What intrigues me
The series incorporates everything that I think makes a good book: Spunky protagonists, mystery, intriguing characters, around-the-world adventures, and lots and lots of good food (all the descriptions of the food made me hungry… and almost as curious about what Jay and Shu get to eat next as I am over whether they'll manage to retrieve all 6 notebooks!).

Describe this series to a friend

Ray sent this drawing instead of a photo. His website is here.

Ray Toh 

What I do
I'm Ray Toh, a Singapore-based freelance illustrator and Concept Artist. My role for My Blade Quest is to visualise and design the characters and locations, and then illustrate the content for the covers and the interior illustrations.

What intrigues me
The side characters are interesting and make me wonder about their history and background.

Describe this series to a friend
Adventure story

This is Christabel. As you can tell by now, we have a lot of creative talent at work here.

Christabel Chew

What I do
Hi, my name is Christabel. I designed the book covers, logo and layouts for My Blade Quest.

What intrigues me
{ . . . . . I want to know what Uncle Selva’s deal is, allowing two underage children to go on such dangerous missions alone (Sheeda doesn’t count, unless she’s secretly a SPY, and she only joins them after the second book). Uncle Selva doesn’t seem to be a very good guardian, if he puts the lives of his charges in real danger… even if the whole mission is supposed to be TOP SECRET? 

Unless… Uncle Selva is the mastermind villain (head dude of the Forty Thieves), and he really wants Ray and Shu dead. He does seem to know more than he’s letting on. Like, maybe he doesn’t have the ‘Pure Heart” required to obtain the Blade of the Southern Phoenix, and is waiting for the pure children to find it for him… before he disposes of them? . . . . . }

On a safer note, I want to know how the card game Blade Quest is played.

Describe this series to a friend
An interesting story for children.

Here's Renee. Mysterious. Studying the clouds.

Renee Yang
Marketing Executive

What I do
I'm Renee and I look after the marketing and event management aspects of My Blade Quest series.

What intrigues me
The engaging storyline which involves a game element interests me the most. I would love to see it turned into a real game in the future.

Describe this series to a friend
Intriguing. Fun. Explosive. Web of deceit.

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