Tuesday, May 23, 2017

SCBWI SG _____ Spent last week at the Asian Festival of Children's Content 2017, here are some photos

BZZZZZZZZZ. That's what it sounds like inside my head now. Still buzzing from all the activity last week. I was at the Asian Festival of Children's Content from Wednesday to Sunday. One talk, two panel sessions, a book launch for our new MY BLADE QUEST series (Books 1 and 2, I posted the launch photos here), and also facilitating the StoryCode SG storyhacking session conducted by Marco Sparmberg. Met old friends. Made new ones. But somehow missed a lot of people too. Came across fantastic new books. Had some crazy ideas just walking around and chatting. Collected a stack of business cards, they're on my desk, will send emails. Soon. I still remember my first time at the AFCC (here's the post). And my second time, last year (read here). What I'm really experiencing now is the power of taking action. Create. Connect. Turn up. Again and again. Time takes care of the rest. BZZZZZZZZZZZ. 

See you there next year! And thanks to the AFCC team.

And enjoy the photos below. :)

– D 

With illustrators (left to right) Dave Liew (also known as Wolfe), Melissa Tan (AKA Melt), Stephanie Raphaela Ho (AKA Muffinsaurs).
Muffinsaurs (AKA Stephanie) drew me!

At the Festival bookstore area. Spotted a few of my books, on the bottom shelf.

With Kelvin Ng, he started Closetful of Books with Denise Tan, because they enjoy selling children's books. Yay!

Australian author Dimity Powell launching her new picture book, The Fix-It Man. She has a great voice for reading to kids!

Me and Dimity. Check out her blog here.

Indonesia was the Country of Focus, and there was a special room for us to explore the Indonesian books and digital story products on display.

This was my first session, at 3.15pm. I will be posting some handouts soon. Because I couldn't finish everything I wanted to say, and so I promised I would.

Khaw Choon Ean is some kind of superwoman writer from Malaysia, I can't even start to describe what she's done, so read about her for yourself here. Anyway, she really made us all laugh!

Here's Emma Nicholson. I met her when I joined the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and attended my first local dinner meetup. Read about SCBWI SG here.

StoryCode SG organised a storyhacking session. That's Marco Sparmberg in front, he started the local chapter.

Children's book illustrator Ilona Tar putting up her team's story cards at the workshop. She's also with SCBWI SG. Read about why she's inspired to create books for young readers.

The StoryCode SG team. Fun! Left to right: me, Diogo Martins and Marco Sparmberg.

With Ian Koh, General Manager of Armour Publishing. They were here to promote our new series MY BLADE QUEST, as well as their other children's book titles. If you have a relevant book proposal,  do contact him.

The Armour Publishing booth. They turned our book covers into big posters! I sat at that table and signed a lot of books.

Chatting with Anita Sebastian, author of the Ranger Anne series, and Betty Tan, publisher of English Corner Publishing and also Singapore Book Publishers Association exco member. The super cute standees are of Shu and Jay, the main characters in MY BLADE QUEST. 

This was just before my last panel session. Getting to know local TV celebrities Rilla Melati, founder of Mini Monsters, and Suzanne Jung, TV news editor and presenter. They both also happen to be very passionate about how they raise their kids. Oh, and not forgetting Sir Stamford Raffles photobombing us from behind. Hello, sir. Please smile, this photo is going up on the internet.

Here's the panel! This time with Vijayanand Thamotharan (first from left), he develops children's content with his company Crimson Earth.

. . . . . . . . . .

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