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100 WRITERS _____ Meet TIFFANY LIM, creator of heroes, kingdoms, myths and her own indie transmedia adventure

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Tiffany Lim is an indie producer and writer in Singapore who's launching her own transmedia series, The Gate Seekers. This is about four young heroes who travel around mythological kingdoms to unlock supernatural gateways. Check out the trailer below. Since it's an indie project, she's had to find some interesting ways to get her creative vision off the ground. In this interview, she explains why she's doing this, the kind of mentors she has recruited, and the most valuable lesson for her so far. There are also details about her showcase events coming up, if you're interested in meeting with her. Tiffany also previously interviewed me about my writing and publishing journey, it's on the Cartoons Underground website here.

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What inspired you to develop this particular story?
I've grown up with stories about mythological kingdoms, and unlikely heroes. However, only a handful of these stories have combined multiple cultures.

I wanted to create a story that features children from different kingdoms, and who are united by the same goal. I've integrated several stories into the Gate Seekers - such as the fables from feudal Japan, the myths from ancient India, the folklore of medieval Europe, and the legends of Greece and Rome.

How have you been developing this?
The Gate Seekers project owes a lot to its faithful mentors and collaborators.

We have currently animated a 40-second animated trailer, 1-minute character previews, and a 5-minute animated pilot.

The Gate Seekers is sponsored by Business Intelligence and 8nalytics Pte Ltd. We are also working with an international distributor, Hub Media Group, to turn this project into a regional animated series.

This project is guided by the following mentors:

Kevin Balhetchet: Previously at Walt Disney Company and Pearson Television International, Head of Licensing (Disney Consumer Products). Current Managing Director of Hub Media Group Pte Ltd.

Kenneth Tan: Assistant Chief Executive (Assessment and Engagement) at Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA). Former Managing Director of Golden Village.

Carlene Tan: Former Business Development Director at One Animation (Jan 2015-August 2016). Former Manager at Media Development Authority of Singapore (2006-2011).

Justin Deimen: Group Managing Partner/Head, Investments of Aurora Media Holdings/Aurora Global Media Capital. Co-founder of the Southeast Asian Film Financing Forum.

Nina Tan: Executive Director of 8nalytics Pte Ltd. Fellow of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Member of CPA (Aust).

What is the most interesting thing you've learnt so far about publishing your own stories?
I found working with an international team a very interesting experience.

Although the Gate Seekers' investors and distributors are based in Singapore, the team who worked on our animated pilot was scattered across the United States.

We had to devise creative ways to communicate with each other, and to share our assets. We also had to overcome several challenges, such as communicating over different time zones, faulty internet connections, the list goes on.

In my opinion, working with an international team taught me about collaboration and leadership. It was one of the most interesting, and valuable, experiences that I've had.



Art showcase and public seminar at library@orchard in August 2017.

Art show case and public seminar at Jurong Regional Library in September 2017.

Academic workshop at IMDA Labs at Jurong Regional Library in September 2017.

For more information, contact Tiffany here:

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