Monday, June 12, 2017

100 WRITERS _____ This PASSIONATE PEN workshop is something you can sign up for if you're eager to write stories for children

NOTE: This post is part of my 100 WRITERS project.

The world of children's book publishing really took off about ten years ago. Before that, it was a respectable industry, but not seen to be a particularly thrilling or lucrative one. And then a few bestselling books came along and changed all that. People got inspired by how the likes of Harry Potter, Geronimo Stilton, Hunger Games, and many other similar books for young readers, were all turned into successful entertainment brands that sold well around the world. Which explains why there's so much more excitement about children's books now.

If you're interested in writing children's fiction yourself, and exploring such opportunities, the best place to start is with creating an awesome story of your own, around some central characters that children can relate to and fall in love with.

This year, I'm conducting a one-off group writing class for the nice people at Armour Publishing, coming up in September 2017. In this session I'll take you through a Rapid Story Prototyping technique that I use to create my original story concepts for young readers, and also to quickly flesh out the ideas enough so I can get started on the actual writing.

What you learn here will help you connect with young readers more confidently, so you can share with them your own joy of making up fun stories. You'll also find out how to express and develop the youthful imagination that is alive within all of us, a unique voice shaped by our growing up experiences as well as our personal lessons in the journey of life.

There's an early bird ticket rate that ends 31 July 2017. Fellow author Lianne Ong will also be running a session about creating picture books. Event details below. Do feel free to get in touch with the organiser if you'd like to find out more.

Whatever you can imagine, you can create. I wish you happy writing!

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Sign up page here

Contact person: Renee Yang —

Event:   The Passionate Pen Writing Workshop
Time & Date:   9 Sept 2017, Saturday, 9 am – 6 pm
Venue:   ERC, Level 7, 30 Prinsep Street, Singapore 188647
Topic:    Writing for Children
Lunch and tea reception provided
Speakers: Mr Don Bosco and Ms Lianne Ong

Mr Don Bosco
Don Bosco writes thrilling fiction for young readers. His creative works include the My Blade Quest Series and Sherlock Hong Adventures Series. Don started the publishing studio Super Cool Books in 2011 to develop original story products for kids.

Ms Lianne Ong
Lianne is best known for her Stacey & the Museums series, Stacey Goes to the National Museum and Stacey Goes to the Peranakan Museum, received the Second Prize award at the Samsung Kidstime Author’s Awards 2015.

Sign up page here

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