Monday, July 3, 2017

SUPER COOL BOOKS iPAD APP _____ Yes, we have a digital library of exclusive kidlit editions and creative journals for the iPad, created just because some fans are so enthusiastic

Hello! Look at this photo above and notice:

The cake!

You're looking at the official Super Cool Books celebration cake here. Bet you didn't know we had one. It looks so good because the design is based on the icon for our iPad app. Which features our logo. Rather prominently. And yes, this cake is awesomely yummy. Fun fact: it was created by the nice people at White Ombre.

Also notice: the people in the photo!

Oooh, this is the awesome app development team from Tusitala Books. They made this official app of ours. They actually started work on the first version of this back in 2013. That's how long our app has been around. You can check out photos from that modest launch party here.

And now notice: the Super Cool Books iPad app!

Which is actually the star attraction of this post. This app is like a virtual bookstore. It contains a selection of our ebook editions and creative journals created specially for this package. There are stories for children, like the Time Talisman series, Diary of Young Justice Bao, and more. Some young adult short fiction, like the early Eastern Zombie Society stories. And also compilations of my studio journals for projects that are still in development, like the Secret Engines comic book. You can check out all these and get a good sense of how our ideas are turned into stories and finally packaged as books.

App features:

- Free sample titles: enjoy complete stories
- Buy individual titles to add to your library
- Large type and generous white space makes for easy and fun reading
- Bookmark pages so you can come back later
- Personalise the app with your own photos
- Recommended Ages: 8 to 12+
- Suitable for girls and boys

Download the Super Cool Books iPad app here. It's yummy fun for your imagination! Note: The stories are available as in-app purchases.

Also: watch out for another new digital story product from us, coming later this year.

. . . . . . . . . .