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100 WRITERS _____ Meet picture book author LIANNE ONG, she'll also be running a session at this year's Passionate Pen writing workshop

NOTE: This post is part of my 100 WRITERS project.

Lianne Ong is mostly known for her Stacey & the Museums picture book series. At the coming Passionate Pen workshop organised by Armour Publishing, Lianne will be sharing tips on how to create your own picture books. Here's a quick interview to introduce her and her work. I'll be conducting a session at Passionate Pen too, about writing middle grade fiction. (Here's my earlier post.) Do join us if you're enthusiastic about kidlit and wish to develop and share your creative ideas with young readers. Sign up details below, after Lianne's interview. Happy writing!

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An introduction, please!
Hello! I write for children, and have published 6 children's picture books to date. My first book, Maxilla, is a true story about my son and is about nature and learning to let go. Stacey & the Museums is a series of 5 books, about museums in Singapore and real artefacts. Stacey always has an adventure when she visits the museums, and I think that is what my readers love. They think they will have their own museum adventures and are thrilled when they see that the artefacts mentioned in the the book are real. I enjoy school visits where I share with the kids about what I do. They ask me such smart questions, and that shapes my writing a lot.

What will you be covering during the session?
If you've always wanted to write a children’s picture book, but found it harder than you initially thought, then this workshop is for you.

Together we will examine our motivations for wanting to write for children, as well as the different types of children’s picture books in the market. We will unpack the key ingredients that go into a children’s picture book that make it successful at engaging young children. This will include developing a compelling character, having a consistent story formula for a picture book series, and how illustrations play a crucial role in storytelling.

I will share my experience on how the Stacey & the Museums series was developed, through the stages of research, writing and working with an illustrator.

How is writing a picture book different from writing other types of books?
Well, for one, there are pictures on every page! Picture book writers have to work closely with an illustrator, if they are not also the illustrator. You have to develop an appreciation for the fact that pictures may tell half or even more of the story and imagine your text in spreads. Secondly, the word count is a lot shorter. How will you tell an impactful story in less words, or with words that suit your target age group?

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Special rate until 1 September 2017 — $60

Sign up page here:

Contact person: Renee Yang —

Event:   The Passionate Pen Writing Workshop
Time & Date:   9 Sept 2017, Saturday, 9 am – 6 pm
Venue:   ERC, Level 7, 30 Prinsep Street, Singapore 188647
Topic:    Writing for Children
Lunch and tea reception provided
Speakers: Mr Don Bosco and Ms Lianne Ong

All meals served during the workshop are halal.

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