Thursday, September 21, 2017

SCBWI SG _____ How to make your Quick Kiddy Comic: this is our open creative collaboration project for 2017, join the fun

NOTE: This is part of my series to introduce the Singapore chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. We featured Regional Advisor David Liew here, and explained how to submit your children’s book manuscripts to the main publishers in Singapore here.

Now it's time to launch our open creative collaboration project for 2017. You’ll get to make a quick and simple comic story for kids. Just follow the steps below, and email a photo of your strip to us at Include your name, contact email, and a link to one of your social media pages.

We’ll feature your story online and share it with the wider kidlit community. And once you have a few of these stories completed, you can compile them and submit to a suitable publisher here.

This is open to SCBWI members everywhere, as well as anyone else interested in making stories for children. Closing date is 6 October 2017. So get it to us before then.

Looking forward to all your fun creations! :)

— D

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How to make your Quick Kiddy Comic
(and maybe get a book deal)

by Don Bosco / @SuperCoolBooks
for SCBWI SG & StoryCode SG

Open creative collaboration project for 2017. Have fun! :)

Download the steps here (PDF, Google Docs)

What you need
Pen, notebook, tablet or phone for taking a photo of your finished story and sharing this on social media. Also: drink or snack. Nice music. Settle down and enjoy!

Create characters
Kids love reading about superheroes, pets, aliens, curious kids. So just doodle. Want a cuddly effect? Draw curves. To look tougher, use boxy shapes. Add a signature prop. Hat, big buttons, boots, etc.

Tell your story 
Six panels. Few words. You can create lots of stories with this simple format:
— Panel #1 has your title
— #2: Character A having fun
— #3: a surprise
— #4: hey, Character B is responsible
—  #5: A responds in an exaggerated way. Reveals A's true personality, secret talent or odd motive.
— #6: Punch line or funny outcome

Share this all over
Snap a photo of your story and share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, your blog, email, etc. Add hashtags so more people will see it: #SCBWIsg #kidlit #kidlitart #StoryCodeSG #100WRITERS. Create more stories featuring the same characters. Compile and contact a publisher. Ta-dah! You're awesome.

Closing date is 6 October 2017.
Email your photos to:

Download the steps here (PDF, Google Docs)


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