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100 WRITERS _____ Three cheers for young writers everywhere, we were once young writers too

NOTE: This post is part of my 100 WRITERS project.

As a writer, I always feel like I belong in a tribe.

We’re part of this huge network, with people of every kind, from all over the world, constantly thinking, feeling, remembering, imagining, composing, editing, reading silently, reading aloud, wondering if we’re ready to share our stories with the world.

Young writer Nela
Thanks to the miracle that is email, I hear from fellow writers all the time. The young ones are especially inspiring. I featured Nela here, she wrote and illustrated her own book. As part of our Quick Kiddy Comic project, I showcased some really young comic strip creators here. And here’s my Budding Writers Project series of writing lessons, to help young writers develop their imagination and write fun stories. Do try out the exercises!

This morning I received an email from Anjali Sharma, with a story written by her daughter Maya. Maya would like to share her story with the world. I’m happy to present it below.

As for me? What I’ve been up to lately —

— preparing Books 5 and 6 of MY BLADE QUEST, our epic adventure series, for publication in early 2018!

Enjoy Maya’s story! I wish all of you happy writing. :)

— D

This is Maya, featured young writer

by Maya (10 years old) 

Hi! My name is Maya and I’m gonna tell you a story of how I was convinced to work hard and still got an average score of 6/10 despite two months of arduous dance practice.

Let’s begin!

“Maya sit straight!” 

“Maya hold your fingers properly!” 

“Maya look at where your hands are going!” 

“Maya smile!” 

Urghhh…. all I can hear is Maya, Maya, Maya …..

These are the things that I heard from my dance teacher day in and out whilst getting ready for a dance show. And whilst I am hearing her say this I am thinking: 

“I’m sitting as straight as I can.”

“If I hold my fingers any straighter then they will stay like that forever and if I smile any more I will have a permanent smiley face.”

“I am sweaty, tired and feel like giving up.”

Finally, my dance class ended and I was sitting on the dining table all sweaty and exhausted. I told my mother how difficult it was to continue the practice. I told her that I wanted to give up. 

My mother heard me patiently and she then told me something that is glued in my head. She said, “You know the tough days are the best days because it is on those days you are growing. If it was easy then you are doing what you know, where is the growth in that? You can never grow with comfort and that there will be moments when you just want to give up and those times are your best growing moments.”

I agreed with her and continued to practice with my teacher and mother. The dance practice was also hard because this season I had prepared four different dances.

My shortest dance was 2 mins 40 secs and longest was 7 mins. For anyone who dances classical dance would know that every second of performance takes hours to perfect. 

Performance day finally came. I was waiting for my turn to go up on the stage when my mum came and asked me “Maya have you done mental revision?” I said yes, despite not having done it because what mental revision is required when I had practiced so much already?

The music started, I was so nervous. I started dancing in good form. I was ok till about one minute and thirty seconds of the performance. After that I was jumbling my steps and even forgot one of the most important steps. All my other performances were coming to my head and it was like I was doing a mashup. The good thing is I managed keep the audience unaware of the fact that I was mixing up steps but in my head and heart there was chaos. On my face there was a smile of course.

The performance ended, I saw my mother from a distance. She came up to me and and she said, “I am proud of you for being able to keep the calm and make sure the most important people, the audience were entertained but in terms of performance that was an average 6/10.”

I was heartbroken that I had forgotten these steps and had learnt my lesson that in dance just before the show mental practice is important. I think I was overconfident and did not do mental revision. 

Moving forward I will always do mental revision for my shows just before stepping up on the stage. Classical dance is not just a physical activity but a mental game too.

For this season I have one more show to go. I will admire my difficult moments of practice and tell myself  “this is great, this is growth and I will do mental revision just before the show.  

Go, Maya’s fighter spirit. 


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