Tuesday, October 10, 2017

SCBWI SG _____ The art of making your own Quick Kiddy Comic, so many ways to do this, just have fun

NOTE: This post is part of my series about the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (Singapore chapter). Read all the posts here.

Three weeks back, we introduced our fun Quick Kiddy Comic activity. This was our very first SCBWI SG open collaboration project. Basically you download this PDF worksheet (here), and you create a 5-panel comic strip featuring your own characters. Thanks to everyone who participated! And our partner StoryCode SG too, for behind-the-scenes input. I’m thrilled to share these submitted works below. Pure creative joy, all of them. Do look out for our next open activity, later this year. If you haven’t tried writing and drawing your own Quick Kiddy Comic, just head over here and give it a shot. Once you have your own original series going, you can try submitting your work to Singapore publishers, using their contact info here. Have fun always! :)

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* based on this worksheet (PDF)

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Eirliani A Rahman, adventurer and child rights activist. Instagram

Christian Soh, student, used Storyjumper

Bianca Wee, student

Bianca Wee, student

Sofie Yang, student

Faisal Siddiqui, student, Artistic Strategies Academy

Faisal Ishola, student, Artistic Strategies Academy

Iqmal, student, Artistic Strategies Academy

Mun Ying Lau, lecturer


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