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MY BLADE QUEST _____ Parents who read with kids are really preparing them for a lifetime of awesome literary adventures

What inspired me to start Super Cool Books, back in 2011, was that I realised how much my two sons loved to read. Sharing books with them was a terrific way to develop an emotional connection. Reading stories made them curious, creative and excited about the world of books. Every public library, every bookstore, became a place of anticipation and wonder. What fantastic reading adventures would they come across next? This question was always on their minds.

It was a natural progression from there. Soon my sons started to ask about making their own books to share with others. I tried to convince them that it was easier said than done. There would be so many obstacles. Countless hurdles along the way. It was risky, possibly disappointing. Even for grown ups. But they couldn't be persuaded. And so I started Super Cool Books as a small publishing studio, to let them try making and selling their own books.

I thought we would last maybe six months. At best, a year. Well, I was wrong. After six years, we're still putting out new books. Thanks to all the support from our publishing partners, libraries, schools, retailers, parenting support groups, reading advocates, and of course all the young and enthusiastic readers.

You can read about our early publishing adventures here:

Interviewed by middle grade author Felicia Low-Jimenez 

Interviewed by SG picture book author Melanie Lee

Interviewed by Malaysian author Tutu Dutta

I’m always inspired when I meet the many other parents who share a similar passion for encouraging their children to read. We all know it's enriching in so many ways, too many to even start discussing here.

Photo from LilBookworm blog, read her full post here

You can imagine how thrilled I was to read local mommy blogger Jenn's recent post on her Lil Bookworm blog, about discovering our My Blade Quest series:
"AJ was told to read them only after exam. But, you know, KIDS. He couldn’t contain the excitement of having new storybooks to read. He secretly sneaked them into his bag to read during pockets of time or bring one to the toilet to read while doing his business." (Full blog post here)

Photo from Owls Well blog, read her full post here

Also, Owls Well, active mommy blogger and My Blade Quest reader, recently shared her son's review of the My Blade Quest series, along with great insights on the kinds of books that her family appreciates. Read her full blog post here.

To help promote this spirit of reading at home, the fine people at Armour Publishing, who publish our My Blade Quest series, have put together a special Christmas Gift Box package. With every $50 and above spent, your order will be delivered with a free bottle of STICKY Sweets and a Christmas Card, for you to write your personalised message to your loved ones. Besides our My Blade Quest series, you can choose from their many other children's titles. This holiday promotion will run until 20 December. You can place orders here.

I'd also like to thank all the parents and young readers who have written to me over these years. Recently, one young reader, Maya, submitted a thoughtful article about how to promote reading at home. Thank you, Maya! Here's her article below, with some really good tips for readers of all ages.

I wish you all Happy Reading this holiday season!


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By Maya

Today I will be sharing five tips that have helped me develop a love for reading. I wrote this post because I used to hate reading and found it very difficult, but then my mum shared a few of these tips and my love for reading began magically. Now there are books I can’t put down.

You need to know which genres you like. Start by reading different genres and then pick a few that you like and try to read those types of books. I tried reading what I saw my friends reading and never really found the interest but then someone gifted me a novel which was about a young detective girl. I couldn’t put it down. 

Once you select your book, read two to three chapters and then decide whether the book is your type or not. At the start all books feel like a maze. But just give it a try.

Try and set a goal to finish your book. If I have a book which has 200 pages and I want to finish the book in ten days, I try to read 20 pages a day. It is ok if you can’t read 20 pages at first. I started with 2 pages a day only and grew that to 20 pages. 

TIP 4 
Try and read in your pocket times (times were you are waiting for something or someone). I always read when my parents say, “ Let's go out”, and then they take so long to get ready. 

TIP 5 
When you are reading, give the book your full attention. Avoid places like the dining table and living room. I like to read in my room because there’s not much movement around me 

Give your reading habit a fixed time slot. I see that both my parents have very specific times for reading. My mother always reads first thing in the morning with her coffee, and my father always reads before falling asleep in the bed. 

I hope these tips are helpful for you!

Read another contribution by Maya here.

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From Armour Publishing:

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With every $50 and above spent, Armour Publishing 
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free bottle of STICKY Sweets and a Christmas Card 
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