Wednesday, April 11, 2018

100 WRITERS _____ "Every word has to resonate, buzz and hum with the essence of life." — Don Bosco

NOTE: This post of part of my 100 WRITERS project. Find out more here.

"In the digital format, you have to be really emotional and direct. Unlike print, where the page is static and you can allow the page design to work for you, digital has to be immediate. The screen is sometimes very small, and always very active. Readers can scroll past your words at any time, or just switch over to another app. So maybe it’s like telegram. You really need to know what you’re trying to convey. Every word has to resonate. Buzz and hum with the essence of life. That’s why I love digital.

This is where the small publishers can really stand out. Because you don’t need big budgets. A simple Twitter comment or Instagram photo can help people grasp what you’re about. And recognise your book as something they need to read." 

- Don Bosco

My quote above, what a thrill, it's from a recent interview I did on The Winged Pen website. Endless thanks to fellow kidlit author Kristi Wientge for setting this up. The Winged Pen is a website dedicated to enriching fellow writers who create stories for children and teens. They cover everything from creative inspiration to submitting your work and staying motivated through tough patches. Check out especially their FOUR ON 400 monthly contest, where one lucky reader gets to have four of their contributors provide feedback on your manuscript.

You can read my full interview here. I talk about how Super Cool Books started, why authors should promote their own books on the internet, and the biggest lesson that I've learnt so far.

I wish you lots of happy writing!

— D

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by Don Bosco