Monday, September 23, 2019

LAST KID RUNNING _____ I'm a featured speaker at the 2nd Annual Interactive Fiction Creator’s Conference, will be talking about the creative process behind Welcome to the Scramble

This is the Chromebook I used to develop most of the
LAST KID RUNNING interactive fiction series.
Thrilled to let you all know that the Second Annual Interactive Fiction Creator’s Conference is happening this weekend, details here and register here.

I'm a featured speaker on the first day, 2pm Eastern time, and I'll be sharing a quick guide to writing your own interactive thrillers, with some examples from my experience creating the LAST KID RUNNING interactive fiction series that's published by Penguin Random House. I'll also give a quick overview of how I used the open source IF software Twine as one of my writing tools.

The whole event is free and it's a 100% online affair that brings together many people from around the world doing interesting stuff in the area of interactive fiction, whether writing or making the technology or just playing and critiquing the latest titles.

Other speakers include:

— keynote speaker Sande Chen, veteran games writer

Angel Rodriguez Bustamante, storytelling psychologist

Guy Gadney, games industry veteran developing AI for immersive storytelling

Andrew Wooldridge, creator of STIM, the Super Tiny Interactive fiction Maker

Minjae Lee, co-founder of Gloovi Inc, which is a mobile app that lets you make interactive videos.

& more.

Thanks to the organisers at Decision Fiction for putting this together. Catch you all at the event this weekend!

Remember to register here, it's free.

— D

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