Tuesday, November 12, 2019

GREAT KIDLIT SHOWCASE 2019 _____ Meet Lynette Teo, she got the idea for her book one morning while brushing her teeth

Time for holiday reading! To celebrate 8 years of Super Cool Books, I’ll be featuring a mega list of fellow kidlit writers and illustrators both from Singapore and beyond. New interviews every week. Do introduce their books to some young readers in your life! Latest updates here.

Lynette Teo

Types of kidlit books
Picture books

Total kidlit books published

Selected titles
X and O Are BFFs! (Bubbly Books)

Describe your style
It's fun and light-hearted, and filled with bright and colourful illustrations

How did you get started?
I've been writing stories since I was a kid. Then when I had my own kid, I wanted to write one that my child would enjoy.

Where do you get story ideas?
I like flipping through a wide spectrum of picture books as they can really inspire. Quite frankly, my daughter is my muse. I also get ideas just from daily life and they can come when you least expect it. I got the idea for this book one morning while I was brushing my teeth.

Pick one book of yours that kids should read
X and O Are BFFs! is a fun introduction to the English alphabet. It will make you giggle and laugh while you learn new words at the same time. Oh, and there are fun word games and activities, too.

Tip for parents, how to help kids enjoy reading
To bring the story to life, I read animatedly through my voice and hand gestures. I play with accents and make all the funny sounds I'm expected to. Kids love that.

Tip for aspiring kidlit writers
Hang out with your target audience. I get great ideas from the things children say.
Your big wish for kidlit publishing next year (2020)?
I hope that more and more parents will see buying children's books as an investment in their children's development.

Website: www.lilvignettes.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lynettewrites/

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