Friday, November 22, 2019

GREAT KIDLIT SHOWCASE 2019 _____ Meet Sim Ee Waun, she's inspired by stories about her mother's childhood days

Time for holiday reading! To celebrate 8 years of Super Cool Books, I’ll be featuring a mega list of fellow kidlit writers and illustrators both from Singapore and beyond. New interviews every week. Do introduce their books to some young readers in your life! Latest updates here.

Author, left

Sim Ee Waun

Types of kidlit books
Picture books, Chapterbooks, Middle grade

Total kidlit books published
Three (but growing)

Selected titles
The Little Singapore Book (Pepper Dog Press), The House on Palmer Road (Pepper Dog Press) and The House on Silat Road (Pepper Dog Press)

Describe your style
Lighthearted, playfully nostalgic stories that are mostly set against historical Singapore. Not pedantic at all but makes history fun. I guarantee. 

How did you get started?
I've always been a local history buff and a journalist, so it was a natural transition for me to step into writing for kids about a subject I truly enjoy.

Where do you get story ideas?
From listening to stories about my mother's childhood days, day dreaming and a geeky fascination for the past.

Pick one book of yours that kids should read
The House on Palmer Road, because the short stories transport children back to old Singapore where life was idyllic, fun was outdoors and there were no computer games! Grandparents have enjoyed this book too because it brings them back to their childhood. 

Tip for parents, how to help kids enjoy reading
Surround them with lots of great children's books at home.

Tip for aspiring kidlit writers
There's something extra special about using an old fashioned notebook to scribble your thoughts.

Your big wish for kidlit publishing next year (2020)?
More appreciation of Singapore kidlit among parents and teachers at local schools.

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