Saturday, November 9, 2019

GREAT KIDLIT SHOWCASE 2019 _____ Meet Simon Chesterman, he's published 3.5 young adult books

Time for holiday reading! To celebrate 8 years of Super Cool Books, I’ll be featuring a mega list of fellow kidlit writers and illustrators both from Singapore and beyond. New interviews every week. Do introduce their books to some young readers in your life! Latest updates here.

Simon Chesterman
Singapore (PR)

Types of kidlit books
Young adult

Total kidlit books published
3.5 (the 0.5 is a puzzle book spin-off)

Selected titles
Raising Arcadia Trilogy (Marshall Cavendish)

Describe your style
Mystery/thriller - teenage girl sleuth must solve the mystery that is her own life.
How did you get started?
Rediscovering YA fiction as my own kids grew into it.

Where do you get story ideas?
Reading, watching, listening, then changing names to protect the innocent.

Pick one book of yours that kids should read
Raising Arcadia - meet Arcadia Greentree and pit your wits against her and the challenges she faces.

Tip for parents, how to help kids enjoy reading
Confiscate all devices and switch off wifi.

Tip for aspiring kidlit writers
Hide all your own devices and switch off wifi.

Your big wish for kidlit publishing next year (2020)?
An increase in kids reading books (buying, borrowing, etc)


The updated list here

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