Sunday, December 22, 2019

GREAT KIDLIT SHOWCASE 2019 _____ Meet all 52 awesome authors who stepped up and took part in our massive interview project

To celebrate 8 years of Super Cool Books, I recently featured a mega list of fellow kidlit writers and illustrators from Singapore and beyond. This was to help parents prepare their holiday reading list for their kids. Thanks again to all the authors who took part, as well as the publishers who facilitated.

Read my introduction post here:
Celebrating 8 years of Super Cool Books

And below, the full list of interviewed authors, just click on the link to read their answers. Do check out their books too!

See you all next year. Have a lovely 2020.

— Don


Meet Joanne H Lim, she wrote a book about an adorable monkey who wins in life

Meet Peh Shing Huei, he had no idea how to write kidlit but Edmund Wee from Epigram convinced him to try

Meet Melanie Lee, she wrote an epic adoption story for her son

Meet Sim Ee Waun, she's inspired by stories about her mother's childhood days

Meet Nur'afifah Binte Mohd Hussain, her book helps kids learn the Arabic alphabet through music and movement

Meet Hwee Goh, she wrote a book about a bunch of cave dragons who get poisoned by blue light coming off their bottle-bottle screens (EDITOR SAYS: Yes, bottle-bottle, it's not a typo, I checked.)

Meet Madeline Beale, her books come with a 'Dear Parents' section at the back

Meet Koen Setyawan, he's from Indonesia and has published 80 books

Meet Jane Karen Ho, her big wish is for indie authors in Asia to come together for support

Meet Hassan Hasaa'ree Ali, his Malay fantasy adventure book is about a boy who has to cope with asthma, deal with a school bully and fight paranormal forces

Meet Emily Lim-Leh, her picture books have been translated into Chinese, Tamil, Korean and Slovakian

Meet Angela Ng, she says it's important to have an extensive vocabulary of emotions

Meet Far'ain Jaafar, she says kidlit writers should visit schools and meet children, our presence brings magic to their lives

Meet Eunice Li- Tan, she hiked across Iceland’s lava fields so she can convey the experience in her story

Meet Srividhya Venkat, she wrote a book about how young children can make a difference

Meet Josephine Chia, she wrote a book about the old days when Singapore was still a third world nation

Meet Ng Swee San, her book says change is possible no matter how pig-headed one is

Meet these students from the Singapore Polytechnic Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media programme, they write and illustrate their own picture books 

Meet Pippa Chorley, she says rhyming stories are great for literacy development in kids and allow them to predict the end to sentences

Meet Tienny The, when her son stopped brushing his teeth, she had a vision of cavity monsters, and developed this into a picture book

Meet Alan Bay, he illustrated a book to help young readers connect with their grandparents

Meet Linda Locke, one of her books is titled, "Do farts make old people go faster?"

Meet Jessica Alejandro, she wants children to be exposed to more poetry

Meet Maureen Yeo, she says you should go out and have adventures

Meet Lynette Teo, she got the idea for her book one morning while brushing her teeth

Meet Victor Fernando R. Ocampo, he says read to your kids with funny voices

Meet Judith Huang, she wrote a book about a girl who accidentally creates a new universe in her mother's government lab

Meet Darren C. Ong, he says kidlit writers should develop a thick skin

Meet Ning Cai, in her books the princess saves herself at the end

Meet Lesley-Anne Tan and Monica Lim, together their ideas are usually wackier

Meet Sophia Huang, she started writing during her maternity leave

Meet Simon Chesterman, he's published 3.5 young adult books

Meet Carlo Peña, he's an editor who says doodle your story ideas before writing

Meet Andy Chua Koon Hong, he has a tip to help you get free reviews from tonnes of readers, both young and old.

Meet Eva Wong Nava, she says you must forget that you're an adult

Meet Pauline Loh, her new book is about having the courage to change what is wrong with the world

Meet David Seow, he says parents must make story-time exciting and unforgettable

Meet Chen Wei Teng, she wants to remind kids that they have something unique within

Meet Neil Humphreys, he says we must use kidlit to grab children's eyeballs away from the screens

Meet Quek Hong Shin, he listens to talkative children and gets story ideas from them

Meet Ruth Wan-Lau, she has 37 English books, 10 Mandarin books and 6 Malay books

Meet Andy Chen, he's not a creative person and doesn’t normally have ideas for stories

Meet Caline Tan, her latest book has time travel, adventure and excitement

Meet Leila Boukarim, she gets down on her hands and knees to see the world from the height of a child

Meet Ken Kwek, he writes funny books to help kids recover from exams and tuition, tuition, tuition

Meet Low Ying Ping, she writes adventuresome stories about friendship and time travel, set in Singapore

Meet Teo Xue Shen, he wrote a young adult novel inspired by war and science fiction

Meet Suzannah Chua, she self-published a picture book about the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

Meet Felix Cheong, he wrote a book of riddle poems with answers hidden in the artwork

Meet Idayu Hussain, she wrote a bilingual book that’s funny and delicious

Meet Jason Erik Lundberg, he wrote a picture book that shows how rojak is prepared

Meet Lianne Ong, her first book was inspired by her son's encounter with a caterpillar

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