Monday, November 23, 2020

LAST KID RUNNING _____ New interview, long and fun, on Gamebook News website

My interview with Gamebook News is now online. Link. You can read about why I got interested in making gamebooks, also how my writing style is all based on my insight that “The sentence is a soundtrack”, something I explain in depth somewhere in my book Imagine All This: How to Write Your Own Stories, also the creative process that produced my Last Kid Running gamebook series, also the big difference between writing fiction for adults and for kids, and also lots more good stuff. It’s one of those nice long interviews, yay. 

Excerpt, what I think about STEM:

“STEM is important, but what science fiction is good at is dramatising how technology can take a wrong turn, for better or worse, and that’s what I like to explore. Yes, I feature a lot of cutting edge tech in the series, from VR to AR and AI and robotics and all that, but it’s also often been modified to do something peculiar, or sometimes it’s even childish but in a heartwarming way, sort of like a Roald Dahl twist.

So rather than helping to prepare tech-smart employees, the mood is more like if in the future you see some fancy tech that’s creating unhappiness, don’t be scared, maybe you could take it apart and have it reprogrammed.”

Because technology should serve humanity, not the other way around. Would you agree?

Read my full interview here, and thanks again to everyone who helped to make this happen:

Take care, happy reading!


— D

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Photos from my LAST KID RUNNING series launch event at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content