Monday, March 1, 2021

GAMEBOOK ACADEMY _____ Meet Adam Mitchell and and his young son Lukas Latham, they created and published a fantasy gamebook together

NOTE: This is part of a series that explains how to create your own simple gamebooks. More articles here

An introduction, please!
Adam is a Gamebook, RPG and Crime Novel writer, and an ambassador for Dyslexia, and dyslexic himself. He is also a tired coffee-addicted father and fiancé to Samantha and two children. Lukas is Adam's 10 year old son, who is new to gamebooks but is a wealth of ideas and enthusiasm, which is rare in the old authors out there.

What inspired you two to write this gamebook?
This gamebook was born out of the UK going into lockdown over the pandemic. Me and my son got into playing a lot of Dungeons and Dragons and Four Against Darkness. Prepping the campaigns got us creating loads of maps and coming up with a lot of ideas. Then one day Lukas says, 'Dad, lets turn them into a gamebook' and that's where it all began. A lockdown-fueled father-son bonding experience. 

We wanted to make sure it was kid-friendly so the Rules Lite approach was a must. Now, it takes me about a month to come up with the first draft. But Lukas has his draft done in about a week, and that draft hasn't changed much throughout the book. It is in almost every way Lukas's book. All I did was the technical stuff and offer suggestions here and there.

What is this gamebook about?
Here is the book blurb, it kind of says it all really: “Welcome, Warrior! I, Arudus, the Grand Wizard of this Guild, offer you a chance to become a true hero of this realm, for times are dire and heroes are in short supply. If you would tread the path of a true hero, you must first walk the path of danger through the dungeons of this Guild. You will need a single six-sided dice, a pencil and an eraser to play this Rules-Lite Gamebook.“

What is your gamebook creation process, in under 30 words? 
This was Lukas's book and this is his way of writing: play some D&D and 4AD, get inspired, then chuck a ton of ideas out, edit nothing out and use everything.

What's next for the two of you?
Adam's son has plans for a trilogy but is in no rush to write the rest just yet, nor spend that much time with his dad again for a while. Whereas Adam has plans to 'borrow' the rule set from this book to write something of his own.


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