Wednesday, June 30, 2021

HELLO WORLD _____ Special transmission, updates and stuff about our gamebooks


Latest release 

NIGHT OF THE SIX-HEADED ROBOGATOR (Last Kid Running series, Book 2) 
Published by Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9789814882668


Welcome to Book 2 of the thrilling LAST KID RUNNING gamebook series, where YOU decide how the story unfolds. You are Runner X, one of six eager contestants on the biggest reality show streaming on the mobile web.

This time, you’re taken to a secret venue in Indonesia. The enigmatic Dr Yamato has created a massive Run Dome filled with crazy technological inventions to challenge you and amuse his viewers.

You’re prepared to face anything, even the intimidating Six Headed Robogator. But the night gets creepy. And you can’t help feeling that the Run Dome hides a nasty surprise in its shadows.

Will you be too overwhelmed to outrun the others? Or do you have what it takes to be the LAST KID RUNNING? Quick, open the book and find out!

Available on Amazon. More info and links to buy.


Now on Amazon 

WELCOME TO THE SCRAMBLE (Last Kid Running series Book 1)
Published by Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9789814867207


LAST KID RUNNING is a thrilling gamebook where YOU decide how the story unfolds.

You are Runner X, one of six contestants on the hottest reality show streaming on the mobile web.

The enigmatic Dr Yamato has turned an old building into an exciting running space, filled with crazy Augmented Reality challenges.

But be careful, nothing is what it seems. Can you outrun and outsmart the others? Will you survive Dr Yamato's technological trickeries? Do you have what it takes to be the LAST KID RUNNING? Gosh, read and find out!

Links to buy. Also photos from the book launch event at the Asian Festival of Children's Content.

Here's an interview on the Gamebook News website about my creative process for this Last Kid Running series.


Released earlier this year

Published by Super Cool Books
ISBN: 9789811494642


You work for the Archanesium Academy. They send you on a dangerous mission. Will you survive?

This short choice-based gamebook is written in a brisk, minimalist style. Includes development notes.

Links to buy + complete PDF browsing copy.


Also on Amazon

Published by Super Cool Books
ISBN:‎ 9789811417245

This was the first gamebook I created. 


Kei and Will are students at the School of Amusement Arts in New Toy-ko City. They help Professor Felicity Nora investigate unusual cases involving toys and puzzles. A rare set of Chatter Blocks has been stolen. These Blocks talk when you roll them like dice. Help Kei and Will catch the thief and recover the Blocks. But be careful, the Perplexity Gang is involved!

There are a few different endings. See if you can help the characters solve the case, catch the thief, and learn the secret of the Chatter Blocks.

Get complete PDF browsing copy + links to buy.


What's happening 

Spent the first half of this year finishing Book 3 of the Last Kid Running gamebook series. Title and synopsis will be revealed soon. Book is scheduled for next year. I think. Also working on a few other gamebook titles, hope to try out some new ideas. All these gamebooks were created and prototyped on Twine, I wrote a beginner's guide here, if you'd like to try making your own text games like these. Do email me if you'd like a review copy of these gamebooks. Thanks for reading. We can be friends on Instagram, click here

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