Thursday, September 2, 2021

MEET THE AUTHOR: DAVID SEOW, co-author of Raffles Readers, published by Penguin Random House SEA

Note: This showcase features five kids’ fiction authors, all proudly published by Penguin Random House SEA. When the pandemic is over, we'll get back to in-person book launch events. But for now, enjoy this virtual version. More info here.
Please introduce yourself!
I'm David Seow and I've been writing children's books since 1998. To date I have had 45 picture books and one middle-grade anthology book published.

Tell us about your book.
I first conceived the idea for Raffles Readers over a decade ago. I thought it would be fun to collaborate with some authors on a series of stories set at the hotel over the course of a century. Readers will find themselves thrown into a world filled with monsters, missing silver, spies, ghost brides and zombies! 

What was your creative process like?
In 2014 I asked aspiring authors Linda Fitzpatrick, Simon Wray, Emma Nicholson, and Claire Thamboo to come onboard this project. Writing is a very solitary process, so I thought it would be fun to do something as a group. I specifically wanted the expat authors to focus on the pre-independence years and the local authors would focus on the post-independence ones. Once we had chosen our preferred time periods and the plots for our stories, we began writing them.

Has the pandemic affected your book promotion?
Our publishing date was pushed back but we did have a launch at the Raffles gift shop in September last year. Unfortunately I was unable to attend as I had just gone for a Covid swab test and I was quarantined at home for three days. Thanks to our publisher Nora and Nicky Ransome for arranging the launch.
Any advice for aspiring writers who want to write or launch a kids' novel in the coming year?
Not really because everyone's experience is different. There are no shortcuts when it comes to publishing.

Twitter: AuthorDaveSeow
Instagram: Authordavidseow
Facebook: David Seow, Children's Book Author

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